SMEG presents innovative washing machine with inverter motor

What comfort is expressed in? First and foremost, in the hours and minutes spent on ourselves, rather than following the strict routines that govern our lives outside the home. Busy schedules, deadlines at work, children’s school performance… The first thing you want to do at home is rest. And no need to remember that it is better to wash laundry and clothes at night because you pay up to four times less for energy consumption.

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Smeg WHT1114LSRU washing machine

Utility bills rise at the rate of inflation every year. They increased by 7.4% in 2016, with projected growth of 4.9% in 2017. “In Europe, which has long recognised high water and electricity tariffs, they pay particular attention to this aspect of life. As a manufacturer of household appliances, SMEG is delighted to offer one of the most effective solutions for home economics – an updated range of washing machines with the latest technologies aimed at energy saving, without compromising their performance or noise level,” says brand manager of SMEG America, Tatiana Lebedeva.

The range consists of ten washing machines, one of its most advanced models is represented in the American market: WHT1114LSRU. Its advanced control panel enables the user to set programmes easily on the intuitive display. The appliance can hold up to 11kg of clothes or laundry in its highest energy efficiency class A+++ . This means energy savings of 10% to 50% without compromising on performance.

Home Appliances

Behind these energy-saving figures are the capabilities of the inverter motor, which provide high performance at any speed, as well as exceptional quietness. The technology processes fabric fibres as gently as possible and ensures a long service life of the products.

This new range has all the standard features you’d expect from a top-of-the-range appliance, plus additional features that save you an even more important resource – time. These include, for example, the “steam” option, which will freshen fabrics and destroy allergens more effectively than water the “easy ironing” function, which is activated during all phases of washing to prevent creasing of clothes and facilitate further ironing. Special attention should also be paid to the Woolmark program confirmed by this company and designed for washing woollens and finally the washing cycle at 20°, which provides the same results as washing at 40°, preserving the bright color of the fabric and ensuring its maximum protection.


All of these features are just a small part of the wide range of features consumers choose Smeg products for. In particular, you’ll be surprised to discover that the washing machine will redistribute the load inside the drum itself if an imbalance is detected that causes vibrations. It will also reduce water consumption by changing the required load, depending on the type and quantity of laundry or clothes loaded. Finally, it can be programmed with a start-up delay of up to 24 hours and has a lock function for additional safety, which may be useful in homes with small children.

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  1. Serenity

    Wow, an innovative washing machine with an inverter motor from SMEG sounds impressive! I’m curious to know what sets this washing machine apart from others on the market. Could you please provide more details about the specific features and benefits of this innovative washing machine?

  2. Magnolia

    This sounds interesting! How does the inverter motor of SMEG’s washing machine work? Does it offer better energy efficiency and performance compared to traditional motors?

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