Smeg four-door fridges – now in black and white

Over the past year the FQ60 XPE fridge-freezer has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the brightest products in the Smeg range. With its unique stainless steel doors it’s perfect for those looking for something a little more modern than 50s style for their interiors, but who still appreciate the mix of technology and quality – a symbiosis that has become synonymous with the Smeg brand. For this reason Smeg is delighted to announce the new models in the FQ60 range. Available in two striking colors – black and white



Smeg four-door fridge

These upgraded models are perfect for overstylish, monochrome kitchens with a modern twist. The new trend – no more than two shades – has recently had a big impact on kitchen interior design. And it is enough just to look at these pictures – it becomes clear why.

The black FQ60NPE and the white FQ60BPE feature the same modern aesthetic as the FQ60 XP, but with an external LCD display showing ‘fast freeze’ and ‘fast cool’ zones, along with a ‘multi-zone’ and child lock facility.

The spacious FQ60 fridge-freezer series will fit almost any interior. Models include large food storage areas 80 cm wide , two pull-out drawers with a “fresh in” zone, LED lighting and an automatic defrosting function. Its freezer compartment has an internal ice maker, as well as a fast freezing function and defrost protection.

As well as offering a range of functions, these versatile appliances have a 610 liter capacity and a 77 liter ‘multi-zone’ which can serve as both fridge and freezer compartment, optimising the storage area to suit your needs. Finally, it has an A+ energy efficiency rating and a noise level of 43dB A , thanks largely to the eco-friendly freezer compartment which is virtually silent.

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  1. Tatum

    These Smeg four-door fridges in black and white look sleek! I’m wondering, do they have any additional features compared to the regular model?

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