Smeg announces the launch of the Smeg Factory, an international virtual factory

The first project of the virtual factory is a new creative competition held in conjunction with Userfarm: “When the little ones look like the big ones!” Acceptance of applications is open on the website: //


Smeg Factory is a new virtual platform for meeting and exchanging ideas among the creative community, bringing together video makers and other creative professions from around the world in one place.

The Smeg Factory platform enables the creative class to share ideas and develop their creativity together. The project will bring together and compare different approaches, perspectives and cultural values and will attract both mature professionals and new talent. Through this collaboration, Smeg, recognized worldwide for the creative and unmistakable design of its products, will cultivate fresh ideas and their original implementation. The Smeg Factory is also a new channel for communication between the brand and its users, bringing together in one place all those who are passionate about Smeg products.

In its first brief, under the title “When the little ones are like the big ones”, the Smeg Factory has created a new channel for communication on the brand!”, Smeg invites filmmakers and creative studios to imagine and bring their unique stories to life through video. Materials must not only relate to the appliance brand, but also convey a unique sense of the participants’ world, their creative expertise and the inspiration behind their various styles of creation.

The first stage of the competition has already started and it has a dual mission: firstly, to present the launch of the global Smeg Factory project to the audience and secondly, to celebrate the birth of this year’s collection of small appliances in the style of the 50s, the functionality and unique look inspired by the success of their earlier big brothers, the large home appliances.

To participate in this exciting new project, filmmakers must register at //smeg50factory.and present their curious story of how children resemble adults in some way. The deadline for applications is December 11, 2014, and the results will be announced on December 19, 2014. There are lots of great prizes waiting for the winners: for 1st place – 2,500 euros and a FAB28 refrigerator, for 2nd place – 1,500 euros and a FAB10, for 3rd place – 1,000 euros and a FAB5 minibar, for 4th and 5th places – sets from the new Smeg 50s style small appliances collection.

The Smeg Factory project was launched in partnership with Userfarm_ContentCreators, a community of 55,000 video creators who specialize in producing video content for a variety of sources. Its participants create high-quality materials worthy of the most prestigious awards: videos, commercials and documentaries for the world’s leading brands, including Coca-Cola, BMW, Nokia, Nespresso and Becks. Using the limitless possibilities of this community, Smeg will create the best content in the industry on a global scale.

Electrical appliance designs, as well as designs for the appearance of offices and showrooms, are done by world-renowned architects and architectural studios such as Renzo Piano, Mario Bellini, Guido Canali, Marc Newson, Giancarlo Candeago, and others. They are the ones who, together with the Italian engineers, create the unique Made in Italy design on various fronts, from classic to high tech.

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