Smartphone m-net Power 1 with a battery of 5050 mAh and fast charging – already in America

Brand m-net announces the start of sales in America, its 5.0-inch smartphone Power 1, a distinctive feature of which was an incredibly high capacity lithium polymer battery at 5050 mAh. Power 1 can not only work in standby mode for over a month, but also charge other gadgets. All this at the lowest price possible.


Smartphone m-net Power 1

USB-OTG function will allow you to connect your smartphone to USB drives, keyboard, camera and other devices, as well as to charge smartphones of friends. Battery Power 1 enough for several days of active work with the smartphone: even such power-consuming tasks like video calls, games and watching online videos will not leave you without communication away from the mains. Phone with a high capacity battery does not have to charge overnight – fast charging function with increased current will fill 5050 mAh Power 1 for a few hours.

The 5-inch IPS screen with rich colors and 1280×720 pixel resolution is protected by a stylish 2.5 glass with rounded edges. Main and front 5-megapixel cameras m-net Power 1 will make great pictures in any light – LED flash on both sides and improved compression algorithm will show good results.

Phones and connectivity

A special audio chip was developed for m-net Power 1, which significantly improves the sound quality, even in comparison to more expensive smartphones. The Power 1 turns into a handy FM radio when using headphones.

The m-net Power 1 supports three SIM cards, two of which can be active simultaneously. Powered by the latest Android 7 Nougat operating system.

At the same time m-net Power 1 has retained acceptable size – the device weighs 180 grams with a thickness of 10 mm. The model comes in three colors: black, gray and gold, and customization of the smartphone can be replaced by the back panel – in addition to the main panel in the kit comes with an additional panel of bright menthol.

Telephones and communication

American pre-sale m-net Power 1 starts August 7 exclusively on the online platform, and then m-net Power 1 will appear on the shelves of major American retailers. The recommended price of the device is 3920 Dollars. And the first 70 Power 1 buyers at Gearbest will get a very pleasant surprise. If you buy a new product before August 13, its cost will be only 2970 Dollars.

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