Smartphone glued to the car dashboard. Neoline Fixit-M5 magnetic holder for car interior.

The NEOLINE company, one of the leaders on the American market of automobile electronics, presents a new universal magnetic holder NEOLINE Fixit-M5. Inexpensive and reliable accessory gives you the opportunity to install your smartphone on the car deflector in a second. Thanks to this universal mounting, the smartphone will be placed at arm’s length and will always be within the reach of the driver. The NEOLINE Fixit-M5 securely attaches to the grill of the car deflector and firmly holds your smartphone even during driving on uneven road.


The principle of operation of the accessory is very simple: inside the body there are 4 magnets made of neodymium, boron and iron alloy. The metal plate attaches under the cover, under the case or on the back of your smartphone. The kit includes two plates: smooth for installation under the cover and on the 3M scotch to attach to the surface of your smartphone.

The advantages of such a solution are obvious. You can change the position of the device directly while driving: the holder allows you to rotate the device 360 degrees in any direction. All functions, controls and charging jack remain accessible. Like all NEOLINE devices, the compact holder features an elaborate aesthetic design that will fit harmoniously into any car interior.

NEOLINE Fixit-M5 is compatible with all horizontal and vertical deflectors, regardless of the brand of car and width of blades in the vent, fits any smartphone with a diagonal of 3.5 to 7 inches. Worry about your device will not have: neodymium magnet has no effect on the operation of your smartphone and the rate of battery discharge. It will never demagnetize, so once bought the holder NEOLINE Fixit-M5 can serve the owner forever.

NEOLINE Fixit-M5 will go on sale in March 2016 for an estimated retail price of 499 Dollars.

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