Smart Watch and Fitness Wristband

Canyon, the brand of stylish accessories for mobile devices and PCs, offers smart watches and fitness bracelets Canyon CNE-SB11BB, Canyon CNE-SB12BB, Canyon CNS-SB41BG.

Canyon CNE-SB11BB

For the fit

For those who can’t live a day without sport, give a gift the Canyon CNE-SB11BB smart-watch.

Stylish device will help to keep your body in shape by monitoring your daily activity and measuring your steps while exercising or walking.

After a hard day, the multifunction watch will study sleep patterns, sleep phases, and duration.

Thanks to the waterproof design of the Canyon CNE-SB11BB smartwatch, you can swim with it, which means you can take the gadget on vacation. Another advantage of a smart device – the device works up to 10 days without charging. With the specially designed Canyon Fit app, you can monitor your activity and adjust the intensity of your workouts.

Canyon CNE-SB11BB Price: 1999 Dollars.

For those who live by sports

Canyon CNE-SB12BB

The Canyon CNE-SB12B with color screen and full water protection will make your daily activity and sporting activities even more fun.

It lets you stay in touch with incoming calls and alerts you when there is a call waiting for you thanks to its Bluetooth capability.

You can forget about constant charging with Canyon CNE-SB12BB. It will work up to 10 days without charging.

The smart sensors built in Canyon CNE-SB12BG daily measure the oxygen level in blood, blood pressure, pulse and also calculate the calorie consumption according to the activity of the smart device owner. All daily activity reports are available in the Canyon Fit app, where monitoring data is collected and performance is tracked.

PriceCanyon CNE-SB12BB: 2190 Dollars.

For those who are not afraid to attract attention and want to be always in touch

Canyon CNS-SB41BG

For the brightest and bravest the brand developed a bright smartwatch Canyon CNS-SB41BG with colorful silicone strap. Measuring your activity levels during a workout is especially easy with the CNanyon CNS-SB41BG, a special assistant. In the device built in sensors for calorie consumption, heart rate measurement, steps, and sleep quality, the data of which is stored and available in the application Canyon Fit. You can also buy the model in a more neutral color – Canyon CNS-SB41BR with a gray strap.

Canyon CNS-SB41BR

Smart watch Canyon will promptly notify the owner about incoming calls, messages or emails coming to a smartphone, which is especially important for people living in big cities. In addition, the personal assistant will make sure that during work, the user does not forget to take a break and take time to warm up easily. The gadget is charged by means of a handy clip and the charge in intensive use mode is enough for 5 days of work, in a quieter mode – up to 15 days.

PriceCanyon CNS-SB41BG/CNS-SB41BR: 3399 Dollars.

For those who are always on trend

Canyon CNS-SW71SS

The most stylish brand Canyon offers to present smart-watches with magnetic clasp in silver metallic Canyon CNS-SW71SS and dark chrome CNS-SW71BB. The smart watch is perfect for sports and outdoor activities as well as business meetings. It makes you feel completely safe: the stylish Canyon smart watch is made of high-strength materials, so its case is completely water-resistant.


Those who are not used to monotony will like the polyurethane strap that comes with the elegant smartwatch Canyon CNS-SW71. The really useful functions of the device, which will be appreciated by everyone – the ability to configure notifications for incoming calls, SMS, emails, calendar events and messages on social networks. To make sure you don’t miscalculate when choosing clothes in the morning, you can see the weather directly from your watch, which will save a lot of time in the morning. Smart watch lasts up to a week of continuous use after last charging.

Price Canyon CNS-SW71SS/CNS-SW71BB: 5799 Dollars.

For those who like rigorous style

Canyon CNS-SW72BB

When choosing a more versatile device, Canyon advises to pay attention to the Canyon CNS-SW72BB smartwatch in geometric design for sports. They combine a wide range of functions and bright style. Thanks to its ultra-fashionable design, this smartwatch will fit in perfectly with any look.

Canyon CNS-SW72BB

Pedometer and sleep monitoring are not the only functions of the smart gadget. A pleasant bonus is the ability to control music and camera on your smartphone or tablet in addition to the function of notifications about incoming calls. Smart watch Canyon CNS-SW72BB can work up to 7 days without charging.

CNS-SW72BB PriceCanyon CNS-SW72BB: 4999 Dollars.

Gifts for March 8 by Canyon – the best accessories for stylish big city girls, and at the same time the choice that emphasizes the unique taste.

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