Smart home by Rubetek – this is an absolute new quality of everyday life

The whole house in a cell phone. You can control your devices, watch online videos, communicate with your loved ones, and control access to your apartment with one free mobile app, developed entirely in American with a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to create scenarios between devices.The system will allow the home to adjust to a person, as well as relieve regular and routine activities.

Smart home

Why humans need a smart home?

Thanks to Rubetek system the person will be aware of all the events occurring in his home. In case of uninvited guests, opening of windows, cabinets and doors, unpleasant situations smoke, water leakage, gas leakage , the person will immediately receive notification and can promptly fix the problem.

Using Rubetek system one spends energy rationally, saves time and money, reduces the risk of unpredictable situations. When dealing with a situation as unpleasant as this, the average cost of insuring an apartment is more than 4.5 thousand Dollars. Approximate payments as a result of flooding your own apartment and the possible damage to the property of neighbors will be at least 400-500 thousand Dollars. But, now, to avoid such a situation, it is enough to buy a Rubetek leak sensor for 1350 Dollars and be safe for your property.

Smart Home

How it works?

Very simply! The system includes: a free mobile app, the control center the brain of the system , devices cameras, sensors, relays, outlets .

Cameras broadcast video online to your smartphone. Various sensors help to control the situation in the house: smoke detector, water leakage detector or gas leakage sensor. The opening sensor and motion sensor will alert if someone entered the house. Smart sockets calculate the amount of electricity consumed by the device and remotely control appliances.

The relay allows you to remotely control lighting and electrical appliances, open gates and roller shutters. The notifications come in the form of SMS-messages or PUSH-notifications, and the devices can be switched on and off remotely from the phone. For example, it is very convenient to turn on the heat in the cottage, while in town an hour before arrival. A temperature and humidity sensor will allow online streaming of readings to a smartphone.

Smart House

Surveillance camera

Smart Home

Leak Sensor

Smart Home

Motion sensor

Smart Home

Control relay

But that’s not all! “Smart home” can do everything on its own, you just need to set a time or condition once. The light will turn on at 9 am. If the temperature in the house drops to 17 degrees, the heater and air conditioner turn on automatically. This and other scenarios are no longer a fantasy, but the comfort available to everyone. With this solution, you can stay in touch with your home at any time and in any place.

Rubetek’s mobile app allows you to control devices by voice! Using voice commands you can turn on and off the “smart” relays and outlets, to put the house on guard, to know the level of temperature, humidity and lighting in the room. For example, a person can say the voice command “We’re going to the country” and a house with ideal conditions will be waiting for him outside the city.

How much does “a smart house” cost?

A person can independently assemble his mini “smart house” from the Rubetek collection of devices, relying on his desires and needs, for less than 5,000 Dollars. We also offer a number of ready-made solutions in the following areas: video surveillance, access control, security. For example, a set of devices “Video surveillance and access control” for 13 450 Dollars allows you to watch the house with a cell phone and instantly warns of trespassing. Kit includes: control center, opening sensor, leakage sensor, miniature video camera and relay for two-way switch.

Smart Home

How to install a “smart house”?

Most Rubetek smart devices are wireless. For example, the safety sensors are mounted with adhesive tape or self-tapping screws. It is quite easy to install Rubetek system by yourself, but if there are a lot of devices or if a customer for some reason does not want to do it himself, Rubetek will definitely help him. The company provides comprehensive support and offers a call center, installation team and service centers throughout the country to assist customers.

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