Slow juicer with High Definition technology from Hotpoint-Ariston

The new slow-press juicer from the HD Line collection from Hotpoint-Ariston preserves 100% of the useful properties of food and increases the amount of juice squeezed by 30%. Living and eating with pleasure, appreciating the taste of every moment is in fashion today. Why not start your day with the pleasure of freshly squeezed juice, made with the innovative Slow Press technology? In this way of gently squeezing fruits and vegetables in a juicer is the secret of preserving 100% of the vitamins and nutrients in food, which are essential for your health.


The slow juicer operates with soft squeezing technology without blades, which avoids heating up the pulp and produces 30% more juice than centrifugal-type juicers. The juice is perfectly pure and retains all its nutritional properties. In addition, the juicer leaves much less cake than traditional devices. The overall result – more juice, less waste! Reverse function increases the power of the appliance, which, at the same time, generates almost no noise during operation.

The Slow Squeeze Juicer is part of the new HD Line collection, a complete range of kitchen, clothing and home care appliances. The line was developed by Hotpoint-Ariston to make housework easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Fully satisfies all needs related to food and beverage preparation. Small but powerful, accurate and reliable, made of stainless steel and high quality materials with a uniform style, these devices will decorate and enrich the kitchen of any home..

Creativity is the main idea of the new collection, embodied in every detail. The new line is a unique and well-balanced blend of inimitable style and functionality, and allows you to experience a totally new way of preparing your food and drinks.

SJ 4010 AXO

HD quality

  • Stainless steel case AISI 304
  • Slow spin technology
  • Retains more vitamins and nutrients than traditional juicers
  • Minimal waste compared to traditional juicers
  • Easy to clean

Other Technical Features:

  • Powerful 400 watts
  • Squeezing speed is 80 RPM
  • Reverse function
  • Rubber feet on suction cups
  • Volume of the juice bowl 1 l
  • Crap Bowl Capacity 1 L
  • Cookbook
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