Slim down with the Wi Fi! The SkyBalance REDMOND 740S smart scale checks your body composition and prevents you from getting fat

Summer, sunshine & scales! So you want to be beautiful, slim. The REDMOND 740S SkyBalance electronic scale helps you do just that! Purely for coincidence, this is the most popular novelty in REDMOND’s SkyFitness range of on-trend health and fitness gadgets. The SkyBalance is a completely unique device to help you balance your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition with professional precision.

For self-care
For personal care

Key features of the SkyBalance REDMOND 740S:

– First of all, you can follow your body’s changes in the scale. SkyBalance remembers all the necessary information about the user: in the app you can make a personal card, saving name, sex, height, estimated weight and even the volume of the waist.

– Secondly, by detecting this data and transferring it to the mobile app, the electronic scale SkyBalance REDMOND 740S remembers the date and time of weighing. The Ready for Sky app easily calculates your BMI body mass index , which is normally calculated according to a complex formula. BMI allows you to assess whether your weight is underweight, normal or excessive.

– Third, the SkyBalance mobile app will perform a bioimpedance analysis, in other words, diagnose your body composition. For example, the amount of muscle and bone mass in the body will be reflected in kilograms, and excess water and fat tissue in percentage. In addition, in the near future, all of these indicators will be used by the Ready for Sky app to make personal recommendations for weight correction and individual level of physical activity.

Soon it will be possible to leave comments on each weighing or summing up, for example, of a month in the app. And since all statistics are stored in a mobile application, the body Sky Balance is not cluttered with additional sensors and displays, and remains stylish and ultrathin.

Owners of “volatile” scales will always have in their smartphone the necessary data about their body and personal recommendations for diet and exercise. So the SkyBalance REDMOND 740S, controlled from a cell phone, will become a personal fitness trainer for each user.

SkyBalance syncs with the Ready for Sky mobile app, which accumulates data from all the R4S devices registered in it. The app is regularly updated, allowing you to add new features to the functionality of existing devices. Already now there is a section for “smart” scales in this program for Android smart-phone owners, and very soon iPhone holders will be able to evaluate its benefits.

REDMOND Sky Fitness line is an innovative technology you can control from your cell phone, allowing you to choose optimal exercise parameters, properly plan your activity and rest mode, track changes in weight and other body indicators.

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