Sinbo SHB0-3087 meat grinder review


Interesting design, powerful motor and excellent performance, nozzles for semi-finished products, reverse.

Grinder Sinbo SHB0-3087

There is no storage space for the nozzles in the body.

Mincing machine


POWER: power consumption – 500 W, the maximum when the motor is blocked – 1500 watts.

3 discs with holes of different diameters large, medium, small , nozzle for making home-made sausages, pusher, cube nozzle, product tray.

CONSTRUCTION: cast aluminum housing, removable aluminum parts, stainless steel internal parts, cord compartment, rubber feet for extra stability, 2 motor cooling systems.

MODE: 1 speed, reverse.

PERFORMANCE: up to 2 kg of minced meat per minute.

WEIGHT: 5,2 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Model description

The Sinbo SHB-3087 meat grinder is equipped with a powerful motor with reverse function. Mincer blade made of high quality stainless steel. “Active” and “passive” cooling system allows the meat grinder to work long without overheating and shutting down. Original attachments allow you to make homemade cakes, and discs with perforations of different diameters – 8/4,5/3 mm – will help you get mince any consistency: from the most delicate for pates, purees and sausages to the one where you feel the pieces of meat. The model, first of all, will be appreciated by fans of high-tech style: an unusual aluminum body will help it fit perfectly into the interior of “glass and metal”.

5 590 Dollars

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