SIMGOT EN700 BASS In-Canal Headphones: I listened and had a hard time going back. And you could have stayed where the music is, …

“Loaf, loaf, whoever you want, take your pick…” – the portable audio market is now teeming with products for all tastes and colors. No sooner do you think what you want more savoury and they bring it to you on a silver platter, asking with all their might – something else?.. However, not all brands manage to get through to their customers or listeners at the first time, because the sound should not just find your customer, but to get into the heart of a particular circle of audiophiles and thus take its rather narrow, specific niche in a crowded to the brim market audio devices. Today we will talk about familiar to us young Chinese brand SIMGOT, remember the review of their first swallow EN700? So, the Chinese guys did not think long to finalize their swallow, brought it to reason both externally and internally, and showed the world a familiar product, but with a different, more conceptual sound, and with an even more imposing appearance.

We thank SIMGOT company for provided sample for listening.

SIMGOT EN700 BASS In-Canal Headphones

SIMGOT EN700 BASS In-Canal Headphones

SIMGOT EN700 BASS In-Canal Headphones


Type of headphones: plug-in

Type of driver: dynamic N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil driver

Playable Frequency Range: 15Hz-40kHz

Sensitivity: ≥101dB(at 1000Hz)

Impedance: 16&Omega

Headphone jack: mini jack 3.5 mm straight

Cable length: 1.2 m

Complete set: headphones, carrying case, interchangeable ear pads, brush to clean the sound tube, fgt, instructions

In-canal headphones SIMGOT EN700 BASS

In-canal headphones SIMGOT EN700 BASS

In-canal headphones SIMGOT EN700 BASS

In-canal headphones SIMGOT EN700 BASS

Appearance and ergonomics

We’ve already met you somewhere! Package box of new product is not any different from the familiar EN700 model: everything around it glows with the same premium positive, first-class design, the same businesslike clothes in dark colors. The twin brothers!

The box with the headphones this time comes in a stylish white package. On the front side there’re twist-lugs in black lines, logo and model name: it’s clearly written SIMGOT EN700 BASS. On the back side – a photo of the updated headphones “in the splits”, showing the sophistication of new trends from the inside: if you didn’t get it, look how beautiful and polished everything is here, please!

Under the white package lurks a mashed dragon embedded into the rough casket for eternity. Once again, I had an incredible pleasure to touch it. I open the casket, like a veil of mystery, and find lattice headphones with circular gilding, which seem to be inlaid in the thickness of black cardboard. And the purse-case, imprinted expensive with a touch of genuine leather, completes the oil painting, which does not yet show that the purse “swallowed” two sets of silicone nozzles of different sizes , a “cleaner” for the sound tube and all kinds of papers-instructions-warranty, but it’s all there. When you open it you will see.

The design, in my opinion, became even more attractive. I received the ears in black. In contrast to the daylight, their attractiveness became even more noticeable than their predecessors. The body of the ears: black, voluminous, not ears, but rounded charms, pleasing to the eye. By the way, the new model comes in four colors: silver, black, red and blue.

Here we can find our familiar “mole” – a small through hole. This time no mishaps happened to him when seating in the ear, all in good order, culture. The material is a hundred percent metal, it was immediately visible to my ear, and tactilely the new ears do not feel so different. The sound tube is covered with black metal mesh. The brown cable is not detachable, very beautiful and flexible, the whole is such a braided, soft, well, just cool! Length 1.2 meters with a straight 3.5mm jack on the end.

The fit of the new ears is supposed to be behind the ear way. Speaking of ergonomics. I am looking at them, twisting and twisting, the shape is the same as the previous model, but they go much more softly in the ear drum. Comfortable seating for some reason has become over the top. True, this happened with my medium-sized ears. Possibly, the owners of “locators” of smaller size may not behave so. But they fit me like flush, in!

In a word the design and ergonomics of EN700 BASS are worthy of all praise. All signs of a complete product are present. As the song sings, “There, if you touch it, you know you’re doing it!”

Personally, I give this model five points for release, set and ergonomics.

SIMGOT EN700 BASS In-Canal Headphones


The listening was done with MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Lotoo paw Gold, iBasso DX200. With all sources of headphones played very well, even with my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge earphones performed at a decent level.

The first thing I heard was an excellent tonal balance with the predominance of the bass range, smooth and very musical middle, with a little crumbly, carefully accented high frequencies.

Surprisingly, the sound of this novelty doesn’t remind at all the musical image of the previous model, which remained in my auditory memory as something more sweet and idle. If the former ears clearly stretched to the “light side of power”, the heroes of today’s review have more real colors: more voluminous and balanced sound. Although the novelty has the prefix “BASS” but low notes are not over the edge, but are served very accurately, competently, giving relief and warmth to the musical material.

There is such a pleasant feature of EN700 BASS headphones: they sound wide and envelop the listener with their magic, cover him/her like a feather blanket and do not let him/her out. I have no desire to go back to the world of street sounds as well, I would listen to my favorite compositions with aloof look. The music, me and the enjoyment!

Now let’s talk about genres. Although, what can I say? I loved everything I listened to. I haven’t noticed any particular genre preferences. I will note only one novelty, which did not let go for two hours in a pair of Lotoo paw gold and SIMGOT EN700 BASS. This is the new album by the British band Gorillaz, “Human.”. And it was gorgeous! The EN700 BASS headphones so dissolved into the atmosphere of this album – along with their owner, that I could hardly go back. You could have stayed there! And do what you want with it!

The bass is just charming. Its dominance is done so neatly that after five minutes you take it for granted and don’t notice this emphasis. It is quite accurate, well put together for a dynamic radiator and clearly in harmony with the rest of the frequency range, creating a background for the main picture. Sometimes you even get the impression that somewhere behind is a small but well-tuned subwoofer giving you strength, rhythm and warmth at the right moments.

The midrange is smooth with a little flavor. Very good detail for a dynamic model, accuracy and precision, no obvious accents that excite your ears, no obvious peaks, no dips – everything is “tip-top”. The timbres, reverberations, detailed and at the same time with a touch of monumentality – very beautifully conveyed!

The mids harmonize very interestingly with the low-frequency range, for this reason the sound of EN700 BASS becomes deep and volumetric and is perceived as one whole, smoothly overflowing and complementing each other. In a word, everything is very musical, deep and not tiresome.

The tweeters are a little crumbly and have a slight accent, they nicely complete the picture, finishing the overall background, rather than distracting. In this new model the producer has made such accents so accurately and beautifully, that there is nothing to criticize. In five minutes the brain adapts and the slight “Baltic accent” ceases to draw attention at all. And I would also put it this way: “don’t demand too much from a woman, at least not right away…”. My point is that exaggerated claims do not always correspond to the price of the product. There are many other more expensive models on the market.



Well, what can I say? Well done SIMGOT! EN700 BASS – a perfect example of how every manufacturer has to bring his creation if not to absolute perfection, then to a very decent level. The new model is not perceived as a tuning release of the same, but as a complete update of the line, as a completely new product in an already recognizable form. Separately want to praise the Chinese guys for a very reasonable price. On the site of the manufacturer SIMGOT EN700 BASS costs only 109.99$! Considering the excellent set, design, build quality, ergonomics and, most importantly, good sound, I think this price tag is more than reasonable.

SOUND! Design, set, good cable, build quality, price.

No. I could complain about the quality of the tweeters, but not at this price.

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