Silence in the studio! New technologies in home appliances

Noise is one of the factors affecting our quality of life. Noise can be annoying, psychologically depressing or, conversely, overstimulating. Noise makes it hard to communicate. The sounds of running machinery are hardly pleasant to anyone, but we put up with them, exchanging our peace of mind for another comfort – cleanliness, food processing speed, quick drying of hair… The leading manufacturers are trying to make the technique quieter: use inverter motors, improve noise insulation and optimize the direction of air streams. Typically, the name of the devices, the creation of which was aimed at reducing noise levels, includes the word silent. . Starting with this issue, we will separately talk about the quietest novelties, no matter what kind of equipment it is: a hair dryer or a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or a combine.


Bosch SilentMixx blenders

A quiet blender is the right choice for the kitchen, especially if it’s connected to the living room and is a studio. Mom cooks, kids play or play, Dad sits with his laptop – no one disturbs the place. It’s possible.

Optimized design of the blender allowed to significantly reduce the noise level of the working device due to the special five-fiber bowl shape with a tight-fitting lid, as well as additional sound insulation of the motor. The SilentMixx range is by far the quietest of all Bosch stationary blenders.

Vacuum cleaners

Blender range

You can blender this series to make smoothies or soup purées faster. For example, you don’t have to waste time and effort on thoroughly cleaning fruits and vegetables: a special filter will trap coarse pieces of skin, seeds and pips from berries, so drinks and dishes will be perfectly homogenous.

The Easy KlickKnife locking system makes it safe and easy to detach the blade from the pan by simply twisting the handle 90°. The knife has several blades, located on different levels, which contributes to a better grip of products and a high quality of mixing. The heat-resistant glass bowl of the ThermoSafe blender has thicker walls, which makes it possible to blend hot food, e.g. for soup purées. Some models of the range have special attachments and several automatic modes designed for optimal shredding of solids and liquids, including icebreakers.

Models vary in terms of features, power and price. The most “advanced” – Bosch SilentMixx MMB64G3M – has 2 nozzles, smoothie filter and chopper, as well as 3 automatic programs: Ice, Chop, Cocktail. Infinitely variable speed control and LED-lit rotary switch for easy operation. The flagship of the range has a power rating of 800 Watts.

The ELECTROLUX SilentPerformer™ dry vacuum cleaner

Maximum results with minimum power consumption and of course minimum noise level. New for December 2015 – Electrolux SilentPerformer™ range of bag vacuum cleaners.

A whole system of technological solutions aimed at reducing noise emissions. The developers called it the Silent Pro System™. The new Dust ProSilent™ attachments are optimised to give a low-noise result on hard floors and carpets, while its quiet running motor and new Dust ProSilent™ fluff attachments help you obtain a louder and quieter result on carpets and hard floors.

Processed food

Dry vacuum cleaners with dust bag

Full access to bag and filter at the touch of a button for easy maintenance and operation. Some of our most frequently used attachments – the crevice brush, furniture brush, and dust brush – can be stored on the handle. Power adjustable on the body. A small light on the casing tells you when to change the dustbag. By the way, these models fit the standard S-bag: never a problem finding one.

Electrolux SilentPerformer™ models earn the ABAA international energy label for power consumption, filtration, carpet and hard floor cleaning. They have a washable exhaust fine filter.

Ergonomics and maneuverability of the new products are also on top. The soft 360°swivel wheels help the VacSy vacuum cleaner to bend around furniture and other objects with no problem. SilentPerformer™ vacuums are also near silent. The models weigh a little more than 6 kg, cleaning will not be difficult because of the heaviness and sluggishness of the vacuum cleaner.

ErgoShock™ soft bumper to protect furniture, wall projections and corners.

There are four models in the SilentPerformer™ range with little details and a few features: the ZSPCLASSIC with the base model, the ZSPPARKETT with the gentler hard floor nozzle, the ZSPREACH with the Flex Pro power nozzle, the ZSPALLFLR with the parquet nozzle and the ZSPPLR with the rotating turbo brush attachment for carpet cleaning

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