Siemens speedMatic 45 dishwashers: small outside, big inside

“Never before has a 45 cm dishwasher had so much room” – this is the slogan of Siemens, which is introducing a new generation of narrow dishwashers. Maximum efficiency and productivity now combined in the smallest of spaces.

Large appliances for the kitchen
Built-in appliances

The new duoPower twin arm water system completely covers the space of the upper basket, while allowing delicate glasses to be washed gently.

Exceptionally quiet in operation iQDrive motor raises the energy efficiency class of machines speedMatic 45 to A ++ according to European energy efficiency standards and innovative features varioSpeed, DosageAssist, intensiveZone and adjustable in 3 positions rackMatic-3 top duct significantly increases the range of possibilities.

The speedMatic 45 can wash up to 10 loads of dishes, which brings it up to the capacity of a full-sized 60 cm wide machine.

Some new Siemens speedMatic 45 models have a unique pull-out third tier for varioDrawer cutlery and small kitchen utensils, so you can wash up to 118 items at a time, as well as cutlery and small kitchen accessories – far more than the size of these dishwashers would suggest.

That means that the Siemens speedMatic 45 goes beyond the narrow “bachelors” dishwasher market to become a full-fledged alternative for the active city family that loves to entertain.

With two beakers and cleans twice as well

Especially for the 45 cm wide range, Siemens engineers have developed a dual system of duoPower water rockers: instead of one large rocker under the upper box, there are two smaller ones.

Their footprint covers the entire interior area of the dishwasher. The innovation has significant advantages: on the one hand, the developers were able to thus lengthen the upper box by four centimeters, and on the other – to provide a more delicate mode of operation of the device thanks to the precise distribution of water, which is especially important for washing glasses.

New motor uses less power and spins faster

Another perk of the Siemens speedMatic 45 cm dishwashers is the high performance. A new generation of iQDrive motors lets you keep the same level of power while consuming less energy.

The innovative brushless iQDrive motor combined with a pump and a flow heater into one compact module provides the highest level of energy efficiency and reliability at maximum performance with an exceptionally low noise level up to 44 dB A .

Minimum size, maximum load The new 45 cm wide speedMatic has all the top advantages which distinguish the Siemens brand. The varioSpeed option reduces the running time of any program, saving you up to 50% of the time.

The intensive wash zone in the lower basket has a higher water flow rate than the other compartments, making it possible to effectively remove even the toughest stains, such as burnt-on food from trays, pans and baking pans.

All the while giving the delicate glasses and cups in the top basket the delicate care they deserve. Another advantage of this model when using tablet detergents is the DosageAssist compartment, which ensures complete and even dissolving of the tablet, which in turn ensures the best dishwashing results.

Reference retail prices:

Model Price

SR66T090RU Fully Built-in 28,990 Dollars.

SR65M080RU full-fledged 26,990.

SR64M030RU built-in 24 990 Dollars.

SR55E500RU integrable 23 490 Dollars.

SR64E001RU Fully Built-in 17,490 Dollars.

SR26T290RU freestanding 28 990 Dollars.

SR26T890RU Freestanding 30 990 Dollars.

SR25M280RU Free-standing 26 990 Dollars.

SR25M230RU Freestanding 23,990 Dollars.

SR25E230RU freestanding 20 990 Dollars.

SR25E830RU free-standing 22,990 Dollars.

SR24E201RU Freestanding 16 990 Dollars.

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