Siemens built-in refrigerators: this is some kind of CoolConsert!

Siemens built-in refrigerators: that’s some coolConcept

      For the first and only Siemens

      Excellent cooling technologies, wide possibilities of food storage, exclusive Siemens design and maximum saving of electricity mean that the new appliances meet the highest standards of refrigerators of the future. Energy efficiency class A++ which means about 25% less energy consumption compared to appliances of class A+ makes coolConcept fridges the most economical in the world!

      • The innovative compressor at the base of the refrigerator increases the space available inside
      • ? Five built-in models for all standard niches
      • ? Energy efficiency class A++, combined with a vitaFresh Fresh zone and No Frost storage in one fridge.

        The compressor lies at the bottom

        CoolConcept series once again demonstrates Siemens engineers’ commitment to finding the most effective and innovative solutions. The compressor is usually located on the rear wall of the refrigerator, thus reducing the precious interior space of the appliance. In the new Siemens model range the modern powerful compressor is located in the base of the refrigerator taking advantage of the ten centimetre vertical clearance between the floor and the appliance bottom. Not only does it increase the internal volume of the chambers, creating up to 95% extra volume in the vegetable compartment for example, but it also eliminates the need for a ventilation grille at the top of the refrigerator. The result: more volume, more space, more options!

        Freshness – dry and wet

        In addition to the traditional cooling zones, the new appliances have a VitaFresh zone with a near-zero temperature and a wet and dry zone for different food types or humidity-controlled fruit and vegetable storage compartments. New LED lighting gives a clear view of the food in the significantly recessed vitaFresh area. One of the LED lights is located on the back wall and another light illuminates the containers from above. Transparent containers now have an undulating bottom, thanks to which the food doesn’t pile up and stays strong. AirFresh filter charcoal filter and antibacterial coating ensure unparalleled cleanliness and prevent unpleasant odours.

        Who takes care of your food

        Only Siemens coolConcept fridges have the VitaFresh fresh food preservation zone boxes with telescopic rails and 100% full extension, adjustable glass shelves some of which can be moved with one hand , as well as door containers with the unique easyLift infinitely adjustable height adjustment system. You no longer need to unload and remove the bin in order to reposition it, you just press a button to set the bin at the right height. Moreover, the unique 20 liter BigBox container in the freezer compartment will not leave anyone indifferent. And all this is complemented by an innovative lighting system: long-lasting LED lamps are located in the side walls, with a stream of light directed down obliquely. So the light source can neither be obscured nor obstructed. A silent door mechanism automatically slams the door if it is opened less than 20 degrees. The touchTronic touch control panel is easy to clean, simple and user-friendly.

        With the new coolConcept fridge-freezer you can be sure that the food is taken care of by a real professional!

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