Shaver MIKMA 353P: three floating blades and smooth skin afterwards

On November 6, 1928, American Colonel Jacob Jacob Schick received a patent for the invention of an electric razor. And so began the triumphant march of the electric razor around the world. And if just 20 years ago, only 25% of the male population used an electric razor, today this figure has increased significantly. It has to do with improving the quality of your shave.

Shaver Mikma 353P

Rotor or grid?

Until recently, the clear leader was the electric mesh shaver. It both shaved cleaner and caused less skin irritation. Today, rotary razors have taken the lead. Several factors contributed to this. The first is a “multi head” system that cuts your shaving time while boosting your performance. Secondly, it reduces the time the blades are in contact with the skin, thus eliminating such unpleasant feelings as skin irritation after shaving.

New player

Today the rotary razor market is undividedly dominated by Philips. He is both the inventor of the rotary razor and the chief developer of new models. There are “unit princes” in regional markets, but they represent only their region. A new player has appeared on the American market – MIKMA. It’s true that the manufacturer is not quite new, before it owned a large part of our market, but … Now, like the Phoenix bird, it has been revived and began to delight us with new models. Today we will talk about a rotary razor MIKMA 353r.

Mikma 353P shaver - front view

And what’s good about it??

Opening the package. Inside is the shaver itself, the instruction manual, warranty card, power cord, travel pouch and double-sided brush. The shaver itself is protected by a special shaver cap.

The foil shaver has three “floating” shaving heads that follow the contours of your face. Getting Started Good. This razor feels really good in your hand, thanks to its rubberized non-slip pads and smart body design. Speaking of design. When I took the razor in my hand, I imagined myself with a microphone. And the shaver is very lightweight, your hand does not get tired while working with it.

The display is informative, you can immediately see the autonomy time.

Switching on. Remarkably quiet in operation. Today I have one day shave, so let’s see how MIKMA manages it. It shaves exceptionally clean and smooth, no need to lift the skin at the neck, no need to lift the head up high. I trimmed my beard and mustache with a flip-top trimmer. I’m ready!

the manual says that the razor does not shave long hairs. This was not too upset me: the trimmer not only flattens temples, but also shortens the length of these very hairs. If I have too much growth, I’ll trim my hair first and then use my razor.

The electric razor

Nice feature

Picture the situation: morning, no time at all, flying into the bathroom, grabbing the razor, and there – bam!! The battery is out of electricity! You will not go unshaven, and there is no time to recharge. That’s where the really useful feature comes in: just plug it in and go for a shave. Shaved? Now we leave the razor to charge. After charging 8 hours , it can run autonomously for 30 minutes. That is enough for us for 5-6 times. No need to take the cord when you go camping, on field trips or short business trips. And the light tells you if you want to charge it or not.

Specially looked at the availability of spare parts. The manufacturer’s website has everything, right down to the complete heads.

Great design, triple shaver system, the ability to work both from the network and stand alone, a reasonable price tag.

No washing.

Electric Razors

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