Seagate Introduces Update to FireCuda Series

Seagate Technology, the worldwide leader in storage solutions, introduced two new additions to its line of PC gaming storage products: the FireCuda® Gaming Hard Drive and the FireCuda Gaming Hub. The external drives were created specifically for gamers who want to complement their gaming computers with not only high performance and capacity, but also a stylish device.


New FireCuda hard drives feature LED RGB lighting that can be customized with Seagate Toolkit software to help create a premium gaming experience. Additionally, these drives are Razer™ Chroma RGB compliant, allowing them to sync with all gaming peripherals that support Chroma. The lightweight FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive connects to and receives power through a USB 3 interface.2 Gen1, so it’s perfect for those who like to play games on their laptops when they travel.


FireCuda Gaming Hub also features USB 3.2 Gen1, and it features USB-C and USB-A ports on the front for connecting and powering other peripherals. Both hard drives come with a three year Rescue Data Recovery Services™ subscription and one year limited warranty so you can forget about keeping your data safe.

Price and availability

Shipping in the next quarter. The FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive is available in 1TB 5,699 Dollars , 2TB 8,499 Dollars and 5TB 14,099 Dollars capacities, and the FireCuda Gaming Hub is available in 8TB 16,599 Dollars and 16TB 31,199 Dollars capacities.

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