Schick Quattro: it takes care of the bikini zone


Today more than half of the women around the world regularly take care of their bodies. To keep your legs and other attractive parts of the body always smooth, the beautiful sex uses a lot of ways.

Finally, a dream come true for those who care for their bikini zone!

For true connoisseurs, always ready for experiments, was created this novelty – Schick Quattro for Women Bikini. The only shaving system that combines a shaver with a bikini trimmer. With Quattro for Women Bikini, you can not only keep your skin smooth, but also experiment with bikini design.


Waterproof trimmer that can be used in the shower, runs on 1 AAA battery. Special comb lets you cut at three different levels. It’s easy to remove for creative freedom. You can opt for fine Brazilian stripes or completely smooth leather in the spirit of free America.

For those who prefer provocative styles, geometric shapes like triangles, zigzags or arrow symbols are the answer. Even non-trivial images, such as a three-dimensional heart or the American dollar sign can be easily simulated with the Quattro for Women Bikini from Schick.

The new razor system also allows impressive results. It leaves skin perfectly smooth and silky smooth. This effect is achieved thanks to four synchronously moving blades. Their expert hands never miss a curve of a woman’s body. Two moisturizing strips with aloe vera, vitamin E and vitamin B5. Its unique nip guard makes shaving even easier and more enjoyable.

So you can totally relax and enjoy the process. The Schick Quattro for Women Bikini system with bikini trimmer to open up new frontiers of freedom of choice. Feel them with every cell of your skin!

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