Scarlett unveiled its updated 2014 juicer lineup

New York, America July 4, 2014.-

Scarlett, one of the leading brands of home appliances in America, the CIS and Eastern Europe, the sales leader in the MBT market according to Euromonitor International in 2012 took second place among the major players in small home appliances , has presented a new range of juicers, equipped with technology Durable Titanium, i-motor, an induction motor and auger. New products available now.

Beverage Technique

SC – JE50S06

Scarlett continues to update its product portfolio and launches new juicer models. During the official presentation that took place in New York at the stylish Beverly Hills Diner the company’s specialists told about the peculiarities of the devices.

Scarlett made a major breakthrough in the renewal of the range of juicers, changing 60% of the entire portfolio. Innovative technology, materials and improved design have contributed to this. In the updated design is observed adherence to the individual style of each of the lines Scarlett, Scarlett Silver Line, Scarlett Indigo, Scarlett White Edition and at the same time sounds new combination of high-gloss plastic, metallic gloss through the addition of bright colors, mosaics and incrustations.


SC – JE50S08

A striking example of this approach is the juicer SC-JE50S05, in white, inlaid and painted stainless steel, belonging to the family of White Edition. New models are made of stainless steel, strong, durable and practical material. On a surface that does not leave fingerprints, it’s easy to care for.

“We paid a lot of attention to technology, equipping the appliances with the most advanced solutions, some of which were previously only available in the premium segment. – says Ekaterina Konopleva, manager of launch and development of the product portfolio of Scarlett. -Besides high-tech product the consumer gets actual design, high quality of assembling and materials at acceptable price, which is very important. So in terms of the market, we offer the most balanced offer – a range of juicers Scarlett meet any need “.

Improved design is not the only achievement of Scarlett in 2014, the carefully selected technology meets all the needs of today’s customer.

Durable Titanium technology – a guarantee of durability

The titanium coating of the DurableTitanium strainer increases the resistance of the blades to oxidation and corrosion, ensuring even longer life and juice quality. Titanium coating does not wear out when juicing unlike others, which means that small metal particles do not mix with juice during juicing and consumer gets even cleaner and healthier product.

The model range withDurableTitanium:

SC – JE50S10

SC – JE50S09

SC – JE50S08

SC – JE50S11

SC – JE50S07

SC – JE50S06

IS – JE52S01

SL – JE51S01

SC – JE50S05

Innovative: more juice, less noise

Two new models – SC-JE50S05 and SL-JE51S01 – feature the innovative i-motor for up to 200 hours of continuous and quiet operation up to 75 Dbl .The i-motor or “intelligent motor” in the S-Carlietta juicers allows up to 10 K of fruit and vegetables to be processed continuously and with reduced noise level! Variable speed allows you to squeeze any fruits and vegetables, achieving high juice purity up to 84%!



Special attention should be paid to IS-572 with touch control and IS-JE52S01 with push-button control – high-powered 1500W juicers with a display.

Drinking technique

Induction motor – low power, high juice purity!

Juicer Scarlett SL-JE51S02 induction motor operates on the principle of the centrifuge and ensures the processing of large amounts of fruits and vegetables with ideal results – juice purity up to 92%!


The wide 75 mm opening allows you to juice fruits and vegetables without having to slice them first. Not only does it save time, but it also makes juices healthier – more vitamins are preserved in uncut fruits. This model has an ultramodern system to collect cake during operation: cake is pressed in special compartments of the internal filter and removed with an easy movement of the hand.

Screw – gentle juice extraction technology

Screw juicer Scarlett SL-JE51S03 operates on the technology of juice preparation at low speed – by slow compression of the product. The inside of the appliance, which is responsible for the juicing process, separates the cake from the juice with the help of a rotating shaft at low rpm. This gentle way of spinning avoids heating the pulp and oxidation of the product when vitamins, minerals and trace elements are destroyed. The SL-JE51S03 not only makes it easy to juice fruits, vegetables and berries but also herbs, vegetables, seeds and berries with seeds!


The SL-JE51S02 and SL-JE51S03 have a minimum capacity of 500 and 150 watts respectively, but deliver maximum results!

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