Scarlett introduced new models of vacuum cleaners

New York, America – July 29, 2014. –

Scarlett, one of the leading brands of home appliances in America, the CIS and Eastern Europe, expanding the offer in the category of home appliances and presents new models models vacuum cleaners SC-VC80C02,IS-VC82C01,HandStickSC-VC80H02,SC-VC80H03,SC-VC80H04,SC-VC80H05.

Dry vacuum cleaners

In summertime, cleaning the city apartment is especially urgent: get rid of dust, garbage after a trip to the cottage, sand, accidentally brought from the vacations, pollen, allergens, will help multifunctional new Scarlett.

Scarlett IS-VC82C01

Vacuum cleaner Scarlett IS-VC82C01 with high-performance motor and technology Multi-cyclone belongs to a line of Scarlett Indigo. The Indigo line features state-of-the-art design, advanced technology and materials.

IS-VC82C01 novelty is no exception, equipped with bagless air cleaning technology Multicyclone, thanks to which the air stream goes through several stages of cleaning.

The purity and health protectors are 2 HEPA filters that clean the outgoing air from the smallest dust particles and allergens such as pollen, fungal spores, pet hair and dander, dust mites, etc. d., Keeps the environment comfortable for life.

The built-in high performance motor, or Eco-motor, consumes less power, saving energy. The user will immediately appreciate the advantages of the telescopic tube, made of aluminum, which is half the weight of the classic steel tube and has the same functionality.

The tube components are equipped with rubber seals that prevent the loss of suction power. Vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special compartment for catching large objects.

Vacuum Cleaners

Main characteristics of IS-VC82C01


– Triple filtration system.

– 2 HEPA filters

– Innovative high efficiency 1400W motor

– 450 W suction power

– dust bag capacity 2 l

– aluminium telescopic tube

– Unique brush with a compartment for large objects

– unique brush attachment

Scarlett SC-VC80C02

Compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner ScarlettSC-VC80C02 with high power and a large container for dust collectionpodadelet for quality cleaning rooms, stairs in the house, as well as cleaning the car.

Filter technology Dual circuit multicyclone allows you to effectively get rid of all kinds of dust, cleaning the air and collecting dirt in a special container, a capacity of 2 liters.

This dust canister can be easily cleaned by simply emptying it into the dustbin. MoreoverSSC-VC80C02 is equipped with a steel telescopic tube which prevents the formation of static tension. This novelty is equipped with the most necessary set of functions and presented in two colors – sky-blue and red.


Main characteristics of SC-VC80C02

– Dual circuit multi cyclone

– power 1700W

– Vacuum bag capacity 2 liters

– Power regulator on the body

– telescopic steel tube

– Complete set of nozzles floor/scrubber, furniture/groove

– power cord -5 m.

– automatic cord rewinding

Scarlett SC- VC80H02/03/04/05

Cordless upright vacuum cleanerScarlett SC-VC80H02 with detachable handheld vacuum cleaner – handy, maneuverable and lightweight device. Battery powered, for 20 minutes on a single charge, which is enough time to clean up.

Detachable handheld vacuum cleaner can quickly and easily vacuum up sugar spills on the couch, dirt from a flower pot, or vacuum up the car interior.

Mobile vacuum cleaner Sunlett SC-VC80H02udobny to use and practical, takes up little space, which is especially important for a small area. This product is available in 4 colors: SC-VC80H02 gray with purple, SC-VC80H03 chocolate, SC-VC80H04 red, SC-VC80H05 white with green.

Vacuum cleaners

Main features of SC-VC80H02/03/04/05

– cordless vacuum cleaner 2 in 1

– built-in Ni-MH battery

– battery power up to 20 min

– charging time of up to 12 hours

– dust container capacity0.5 l

– charging base

– power adapter included

– Electric Turbo Brush, Scrubbing Brush, Nozzle for Furniture

Scarlett IS-VC82C01 and vacuum cleaners HandStick will be available in the fall.

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