ScanSnap Sync software synchronizes documents stored on mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers, and cloud services

New York, September 3, 2015., ScanSnap Sync is another addition to the ScanSnap product line of document scanners. With ScanSnap Sync users can work with their documents from any supported device. This free software will be available for ScanSnap scanners and is designed to make life easier for mobile users. With ScanSnap Sync, ScanSnap Organizer for Windows and Mac and ScanSnap Connect for Android and iOS mobile devices now have cloud connectivity.



  • Free scanner software forFujitsuScanSnap compatible withWindowsandMac computers.

  • Scan with your mobile device and then process the images on your computerWindows or Mac-and vice versa.

  • Support for Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

It allows field workers to automatically sync their documents. Supported cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. ScanSnap Sync will be available in fall 2015. Existing customers can get ScanSnap Sync as part of the automatic ScanSnap software update or use the download link. EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa ScanSnap Sync software will be introduced for the first time at the IFA in Berlin, Germany, September 4-9.

Using ScanSnap Sync is as easy as scanning documents with ScanSnap devices. Documents scanned with a mobile device through the ScanSnap Connect app are automatically uploaded to the cloud service folder. Back in the office, the user launches ScanSnap Organizer software on a Windows or Mac computer and the scans are synchronized automatically, then they can be processed using ScanSnap Organizer features such as Optical Character Recognition OCR or image rotation. The processed document is automatically synchronized with a cloud service folder, allowing future access to it from any device.

We are constantly expanding our range of devices and software in response to customer needs. ScanSnap Sync is another innovative product expanding the ScanSnap software ecosystem

“,” said Mike Nelson, vice president of Fujitsu PFU EMEA Ltd.

ScanSnap Sync means ScanSnap users can work with their documents on any device and virtually anywhere without having to worry about matching versions of documents stored in cloud services and on their office computers.”

, – explained Klaus Schulz, Product Marketing Manager, PFU EMEA Ltd. EMEA.

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