Samsung WF1124ZAC washing machine review

Large appliances for the kitchen

Technology, high loading capacity by cotton.


Smaller loads in the special cycles.

Samsung WF1124ZAC washing machine

Front-loading washing machine

Technical features

LOADING: 12 kg.

WASHING: Grade A. 12 programs: cotton, synthetics, jeans, linen, dark, daily 15 min., super eco washing, outerwear, baby clothes, wool, manual self-cleaning.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Eco Bubble, Pre- Iron, Quick Iron, Easy Iron, Extra Rinse, 19 hour timer.

RPM: class A, 1400 rpm.

ECONOMY: class A++ A-50% , electricity consumption 1.32 kwh/cycle, water consumption 78 l cotton 60 ° C , for 1 kg of laundry: 0.11 kwh and 6.5 l.

CONTROL: electronic, LCD display, rotary control programs Jog Dial, button select temperature, spin speed, options, timer, indication of the program stage, switching options.

AUTOMATICS: optimization of loading, foam level control, imbalance, protection against leakage on the body, child protection.

CONSTRUCTION: Inverter control, brushless motor, Eco Bubble technology, Diamond honeycomb drum, VRT Plus technology, ceramic heater.

SIZES: 600h600h850 mm.

WEIGHT: 71 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 10 years for the motor.

The new machine of a series Arno combines in itself the most actual developments of the company. One of its most striking advantages is the large loading capacity – 12 kg by cotton for standard dimensions. However, as usual the other programs have lower loads, such as 5 kg for synthetics, 3 kg for jeans, 2.5 kg for linens and 2 kg for wool.


Brushless Digital Inverter Motor is used in the appliance. It eliminates friction between motor and brush, reducing the risk of motor wear and noise. Quiet motor and special technology to reduce the vibration and noise of the Samsung VRT Plus allows you to wash at any time of the day, without worrying about disturbing the neighbors or wake the children. Digital Inverter Motor has a ten year warranty.

Machine is equipped with the Diamond honeycomb drum. Its inner surface is covered in relief with thousands of cells-pyramids, as they are called in the company – diamonds facets. Pyramid tops have holes for soap solution movement, they are much smaller than usual. This is done to ensure that the water does not immediately leave the cells and, being delayed, formed an additional layer between the laundry and the walls of the drum. This solution reduces friction and mechanical effects on the fabric.

Another interesting solution – Eco Bubble technology. When you mix detergent and water, thousands of bubbles are generated, they accelerate the dissolution of the powder, and then this solution is fed to the things. According to the developers, detergents penetrate faster into the fibers of water-soaked fabrics and remove dirt from them more efficiently.

A set of programs provides care for all kinds of fabrics, plus there are specialized cycles, designed to care for certain types of things. Eco Bubble technology has five default wash modes: super eco, outerwear, baby clothes, wool, hand wash. The other programs activate the technology as needed. In addition, there is a special cycle for cleaning the drum, it is made with a cleaning agent at 70 ° C.

45 990 Dollars.

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