Samsung UE65HU9000T UHD TV review

It’s done ! No more talk about curved TVs, but they’re being released! The first, as always, Sony showed us the novelty, the model KDL-65S995A with a 65 “screen diagonal and a price of 170 000 Dollars the average price on Yandex-markets . Now Samsung introduced a new product – 4K UHD LED TV with a 65-inch curved screen 165 cm at a price of 206 000 Dollars the average price of the same Yandex-market . The TV impresses with realistic picture and image depth. But first things first. The fundamental difference between Samsung and Sony in the image format – Sony TV Full HD 1920 x 1080, Samsung – 4K UHD 3840 x 2160, and this resolution is 4 times higher than Full HD, respectively, the picture is more realistic and clear.

Video technology
Video equipment


At the TV presentation I purposely moved from one place to another to look at the screen at different angles and distances to get the most accurate information about the image quality.

Viewed from any angle, images stayed sharp, contrasted and did not glare. Black is black, white is really white. The commercials recorded in the 4K format amazed by the depth of rendering of scenes and stunning image quality. Thanks to the curved screen, it creates the impression that the viewer is in the center of events, everything happens with his direct participation. Despite my moving around the TV this impression did not fade, and the picture quality did not deteriorate. Standing right in front of the screen created a 3D effect, even without my glasses.

When they gave out the active glasses and played a really 3D video the effect was amazing – even the experienced journalists instinctively dodged objects flying into them!

But an advertising clip is just that – an advertising clip to present the product in the most advantageous light, but how will the TV behave in real life??



Journalists are meticulous people and do not always behave according to the script. It happened this time as well. A journalist had a YouTube video on his smartphone and wanted to watch it on the big screen. Those who shot the video and posted it on YouTube, clearly were not professionals and the movie is blurry and not clear, the image twitches even on the smartphone screen. We could see what would happen – in the middle of a big black screen a small square with a blurred image.

Matching and connecting a smartphone to the TV took a few seconds, no wires and cherished words were required. The picture pleasantly surprised even the discerning owner of a smartphone – the image stretched to the whole screen is not shaking, blurring is gone. I can’t say that it turned out HD-image, but it is much more comfortable to watch, the quality is equal to the ordinary over-the-air signal. Your TV upgrades the image by default. People immediately asked us to bring them a DVD player. Plugged in the player and start playing pirated discs with or without correction. The result was stunning! After the correction the image became quite digestible, close to HD. They tried to convert licensed national cartoons into 3D. The result was not bad.

A reporter took out his flash drive and tried to watch it. The experiment was a success.

What is the secret of this image correction? It’s all about modern technology. The television uses a four-stage process of converting the image into a quality close to UHD. And then there’s Samsung’s UHD Dimming technology, which corrects brightness levels, creating deeper blacks and cleaner whites. Blurriness and jitter was eliminated with Clear Motion Rate, which updates the image at an incredible high speed.

The video equipment
Video equipment


The TV can be controlled by voice and gestures. To control your voice using the new Samsung Smart Control, and to control gestures, there is a built-in video camera for face recognition. True, the gesture control depends a lot on the room illumination. Also, with the camera, you can communicate in video mode on Skype.

You can also use the new Smart Touch Control remote control as a laser pointer to control your TV. They are quite comfortable to work with.

And, also, you can control the TV with your smartphone or tablet.

This TV model is fundamentally different from all the other models, as all the components are kept in a separate unit UHD Evolution Kit and we only have the MONITOR in front of us. If the model becomes outdated there is no need to buy a new TV, you just need to change the remote control and you have a new, smart TV again. There’s no need to update your current version, too – as soon as new add-ons and updates to your version are released, they are installed automatically over the Internet. Convenience is evident – the monitor’s matrix ages less rapidly than the internals.



The TV was shown in a room of about 25 square meters. The in-house sound was more than adequate, we didn’t turn it up any louder than 70%, even though the press crowd was going on and on without a pause. The sound is nice and powerful. When watching movies, it seemed to me, no additional acoustics are required. And for audiophiles we will most likely need to add some good speakers to the TV, but it’s a TV, not an expensive stereo system.

All modern sound decoders are available, including surround sound 3D , DTS Premium Sound 5.1. Total sound power – 60 watts. Few music centers can boast of such sound!


This panel has 2 digital tuners and one analog tuner. Multiscreen function – the screen can be split into parts and each screen shows a different picture and acts as a full monitor. For example, on the first screen you can watch a movie from a flash drive, on the second screen air, the third screen in “classmates” the fourth “VKontakte.

Turns on your TV almost instantly – less than 2 seconds, which is very convenient, because the standard turn-on time of LCD TV is from 6 to 10 seconds.

Smart Hub service provides all the features of Smart TV, the TV is built into a lot of services that can be used to watch movies in HD and 3D quality, to do shopping and visit social networks. With Skype you can make video and simple calls, with News On you can get news from different news agencies.

Very interesting Football Mode. When you activate this function, the picture and sound settings are optimal for watching sports games, and in case of a sudden change in the sound background for example, the sharp rumble of the stands , the most important moments are recorded. External drive is required to activate this function.

Clear Motion Rate minimizes motion blur, and the powerful quad-core Quard Core Plus processor dramatically improves performance and makes navigation and multitasking faster and smoother when you’re surfing the web or switching between different kinds of content.



The design of the panel is called Aero Curve. Thanks to the super narrow frame and the stand the TV appears to be floating in the air, and the curved shape enhances the effect of “immersion in the screen” the viewer becomes a direct participant in the action. Of course, you can hang it on the wall, but I think this is not the best solution, this TV is worthy of a separate stand, it serves as a decoration of the interior.

Video equipment

And now for the numbers

Features of construction.

Main characteristics.

16:9 aspect ratio, 65″ diagonal resolution 3840×2160, support 3D shutter technology and 4K UHD, supported formats – MP3, WMA, MPEG4, DivX, MKV, JPEG. FunctionMulti-screen, Picture-in-Picture PiP , Wide Color Enhancer Plus , surround sound, 60W sound power.

Interfaces: Inputs – Component, AV, SCART, RGB, HDMI x 4, MHL, USB x 3, Ethernet RJ-45 , Wi-Fi 801.11n, support Cl+. Convert 2D to 3D, HD to UHD.

There is progressive scanning. The refresh rate is 1200 Hz. Internet access Smart TV .

Supports: NICAM Stereo sound, PAL, SECAM, NTSC DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2 teletext, DLNA, Skype, 24p Cinema.

Supports 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p input signals.

Resolutions when connected to a PC: 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1360×768, 1920×1080, 3840×2160.

Recording videos to a USB memory stick, external hard drive, TimeShift function, sleep timer.

Power consumption is 297W, weight with stand is 31kg. Dimensions: with stand WxHxD 1451 x 892 x 327 mm, without stand – 1451 x 848 x 327 mm.

Technologies used.

Ultra-high resolution, Smart Evolution, One Connect. Ultra Clear panel.

Video: Quadmatic image processor. Technology Clear Motion Rate 1200 Hz, local dimming technology “Micro Dimming” UHD Dimming, local dimming technology Precision Black, technology Auto Depth Enhancer, natural color transfer Natural Mode.

Sound: Dolby MS11, DTS DNSe+, 3D sound, New Waveguide, Woofer, HD Audio.

Smart TV: Smart Hub, Samsung Smart TV, apps,multimedia, movies and shows, on-air, Skype, web browser, search.

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