Samsung ST90/ST95 compact cameras: they implement poweusaul algorithms of scene analysis and face search

The usual “mid-range” cameras will soon have to invent a new name for the class. The only thing in which they remain average is their price compared to the most affordable and, respectively, cooler and more expensive devices. To call “average” the functionality and technological advancement of such cameras as, for example, Samsung ST90 and ST95, simply does not dare.

Photo equipment

14.2MP 26-130mm 5 x 2.7″ $150, 16.1MP 3″ $180

The ST90 has an image sensor with an effective resolution of over 14 million pixels. pixels, a wide-angle and at the same time quite a long range lens 26-130 mm and a display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches.

The camera implements powerful algorithms for intelligent analysis of the scene, face search, there are effective creative filters such as vignetting enhancement or simulation of miniature, built-in portrait retouching and 720 p video recording. And the “smart” photo album simplifies sorting and playback of photos, identifying not only the date and type of photos, but also the people depicted in the pictures. But this is not the most interesting.

Paying only a thousand Dollars more than the price of ST90, you can get a 16-megapixel sensor and a 3-inch touch screen display – Samsung ST95 is almost devoid of buttons, so that is fully controlled by a quick and intuitive system of gestures and taps. Other features, including wide-angle 5x zoom and smart functions in shooting and playback, similar to the younger ST90.

Both models at the same time stand out very thin body only 17 mm and weigh a little over a hundred grams. Interestingly, both cameras also use reduced format micro SD or micro SDHC memory cards, like in cell phones. This is somewhat unusual even for a compact apparatus. However, the format of micro SD is not new any more, so it is not expensive, and as a small bonus provides compatibility with cards of almost any communicator or smartphone. After all, the traditional “full-size” SD card in today’s world, except for cameras and there’s no real place to use.

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