Samsung Smart Space fridges: the temperature is monitored by ten sensors

Samsung Electronics presents its new Smart Space series refrigerators on the American market. They feature the largest possible internal volume up to 400 l with the same external dimensions. Models feature the latest cooling technology to ensure optimal storage conditions.


Smart Space series are energy-saving class A and A+ and feature an intelligent inverter compressor and the new Smart Eco System. The system includes ten sensors that constantly measure temperature and humidity levels. This solution allows you to effectively manage the compressor, providing the best refrigeration while saving energy.

The absence of abrupt drops and subsequent efforts to create the desired temperature level makes the compressor more durable and significantly reduces the noise level and power consumption.

Lateral LED lighting provides comfortable and bright lighting, and a stylish blue LED display allows you to control any settings of the refrigerator and freezer compartments without opening the door. Smart Space series includes 1.8m, 1.9m and 2.0m models with a wide range of finishes and options.

Consumers want units that are functional and easy to use,” said Chang Wan Hong, executive vice president of Samsung’s Digital Appliances Business. – Smart Space series is redesigned and packed with useful features to keep food optimally cool while saving energy for the consumer.

The new series uses Multi Flow, a multi-flow air circulation system that uses two independent fans. It provides a uniform temperature on all levels thanks to the cold air inlets located on each of the shelves. Samsung No Frost technology eliminates ice buildup on frozen food and the walls of the chamber.

The CoolSelect Zone system, available on select models, is a special zone in the refrigerated compartment where the temperature can be set separately.

The new Samsung Smart Space refrigerators have been available on the American market since May 2011 at a recommended retail price of from 29,990 Dollars.

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