Samsung printing solutions division expands partnership with Ubiquitech

New York, May 18, 2016. – Samsung Electronics announced it is expanding its global partnership with Danish independent print device management software provider Ubiquitech. Ubiquitech software is Samsung certified for use on a variety of MFPs from the Korean manufacturer, including the MultiXpress line with Android-based Smart UX Center interface. With this agreement, Samsung will be able to provide better service to enterprise customers using IBM Z-series servers as well as IDM Power Systems platforms.


With Ubiquitech solutions, Samsung will provide corporate customers, including SMB companies, with even more

Safe and efficient printing equipment

With Ubiquitech’s print management technologies, Samsung MFPs can improve the security of enterprise printing systems. The solution will identify logged-in users and allow only authorized personnel access to print and forward documents, preventing confidential data leakage. In addition, Ubiquitech solutions ensure that all transactions on the printers will be tracked and recorded. Users will be able to view an overview of their printed files on the Smart UX display, helping reduce unnecessary copies.

Ubiquitech solutions are compatible with Windows, IBM Power and IBM System Z, making it easier to implement Samsung printing devices into customers’ existing IT infrastructures. Samsung expects it will also help a large number of the company’s customers, from SMBs to large enterprises, to centralize their print management systems and reduce overall operating costs.

Ubiquitech’s high-end and flexible solutions give enterprise customers the ability to consolidate all Windows print servers into a single IBM System Z or Power platform, and in the long run, save significantly,” said Klaus Christiansen, president of Ubiquitech.

Business security has always been a key concern for Samsung,” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President, Printing Solutions Division, Samsung Electronics. – Through its strategic alliance with Ubiquitech, Samsung will provide customers with secure, efficient and easy-to-use solutions that fit seamlessly into their IT and office ecosystem.”.

Ubiquitech develops cost-effective, secure smart print management solutions with an intuitive user interface. More than 10 years in the market, constantly improving the technology base. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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