Samsung presents innovative washing machine at CIS 2014

Málaga, February 4, 2014 – Samsung Electronics has introduced the new WW9000 washing machine with an intuitive user interface, clever functionality and a new minimalist design. The new model Samsung WW9000 is made in a modern minimalist design that fits perfectly into modern interiors. Getting rid of unnecessary lines, knobs and buttons, Samsung designers have developed a washing machine with a simple and streamlined front and wavy side walls.


The Samsung WW9000 washer relieves your household routine with its intuitive 5-inch touchscreen and advanced smart features that enhance your laundry.

“Our new washer opens a new page in the design history of these devices. It blends perfectly with other appliances, furniture and furnishings,” said Bi Kee Yong, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Consumer Electronics. – The days when washing machines were hidden in utility rooms are over. In addition to its gorgeous exterior, the WW9000 has a wide range of features to meet all the needs of the modern home.”.

Simple design and ease of use

The new Samsung WW9000 is not a gadget that needs to be out of sight. With its minimalist design with sleek lines, the washing machine is truly elegant. The washing machine hatch is finished with translucent deep blue crystal coating, which plays in the light. For easy loading and unloading, the diameter of the new Big Door has been enlarged and the drum has been raised. Double metal hinge secures door for wider opening.

Simple and intuitive

The Samsung WW9000 washing machine is equipped with a large 5-inch touchscreen which provides easy handling thanks to the possibility to select the required setting with a single touch. For example, the function &lsquo Most Used’ remembers the most frequently used washing modes, and ‘Favorites’ allows you to create a set of individualized washing settings for different types of laundry.

Auto Optimal Wash takes care of details

When you activate the Auto Optimal Wash Intelligent Wash function, four special sensors collect information about the washing process: load, degree of soiling, amount of water and detergent. Based on the information gathered, the Auto Optimal Wash Intelligent Wash function selects the best wash mode, temperature, time, rinse cycle and spin speed. And to make your washing even easier, the Auto Dispense function “Auto Dispense” automatically gives you the right amount of detergent and conditioner.

Cold water mode saves energy

The new model Samsung WW9000 is also equipped with a unique bubble generator that activates at the beginning of the washing cycle. Water and air create bubbles which dissolve the detergent, which penetrates the fabric faster and more effectively. Ecobubble technologyTM Dissolves detergent to create soft foam which easily penetrates into fibers. It significantly improves the quality of washing and reduces the consumption of hot water, thus reducing energy consumption.

Less noise, less vibration, more performance

The unique VRT+ technology is designed to minimize machine noise and vibration. This is achieved by special sensors mounted on the drum, which balance the motor so that the vibration level is reduced even at high drum speeds.

Low noise is also made possible by the digital inverter motor. It is not designed with brushes. It operates with powerful magnets to reduce the friction of the moving parts and prevent the premature wear and tear of the machine’s internal elements. So the inverter motor makes less noise and guarantees reliable operation, as evidenced by Samsung’s 10-year warranty.

Special modes and super speeds

The Special Modes feature includes six pre-set washing modes that will save you a lot of digging in the bowels of the menu. The Gardening mode helps you remove grass and soil stains, while the Kitchen and Dining mode is excellent for grease and food stains. Other special modes are “Hygiene,” “Sports,” “Movable Kids” and “Casual”.

Super Speed Wash Fast mode washes clothes in 60 minutes thanks to the double water flow. Speed Spray cuts the rinse cycle with powerful jets of water into the drum.

More freedom – Smart Control

The Samsung WW9000 washing machine is equipped with Smart Control function, which allows to control the machine remotely using a special app for smartphone. Whether at home or away, the user can start or stop the wash, receive notifications of the remaining time as well as the end of the wash.


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