Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera review

Much more attractive from a practical and economic point of view would be the new flagship model of Samsung – NX30. The basic photographic internals – the hybrid autofocus sensor and processor – were taken from the fairly successful and competitive NX300.

Mirrorless Cameras

Samsung NX30 digital compact camera with interchangeable optics

20.3MP 16-50mm, F3.5-5.6 EZ 3″ $1030

The camera got the electronic viewfinder in a very interesting design. By pulling the eyepiece frame toward you, the photographer can slide it out of the body and rotate it up. It allows you to shoot like a DSLR with a mine viewfinder or use the eyepiece when taking pictures from a lower angle. The screen, which has increased in resolution and features a new-generation sensor, is not only clearer, but also 30% brighter. In addition, it can recognize the touch, and the buttons and levers on the body appeared so much that the user is unlikely to feel the lack of tools to work with settings and shooting options. If there were a lot of questions to the interface of the NX cameras before, here most of them will be removed.

The device is able to record not only normal photos, but also stereo images using a special fixed-lens 45 mm. Video mode greatly improved with support for higher frame rates in progressive scan. An external microphone jack is available and HDMI outputs 1080@30p uncompressed video is possible. Incoming audio level can be monitored on the screen and adjusted manually if necessary. Dual system stabilization: optical – by shifting the lens shift and digital, based on algorithms to determine the camera shift and the corresponding image processing, is now available in movie mode.

The functionality of the wireless transmission system, in addition to the basic, well-known features, includes the original baby monitor – remote monitoring of children. Here, however, the question arises: will the battery be enough for a long nap? The camera doesn’t come with an outlet power adapter, and video recording combined with active Wi-Fi is quite voracious.

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