Samsung NX20 compact camera review

Miniature SLR and also the older model in the line of “system” cameras Samsung NX focused on demanding photographers seeking a classic design and the most extensive functionality. The camera is good with both.

20.3 Megapixel 18-55mm, F3.5-5.6 OIS 3″

The familiar DSLR-inspired body will appeal to amateur photographers who don’t want to “retrain” from the familiar format. Not as pretty as the NX210 or NX1000, but certainly as comfortable and reliable. The electronic viewfinder that protrudes from the top, of course, and is needed mostly in case you want to save battery life or the sun is too bright. The main screen at the same time, a 3-inch proprietary AMOLED display, perfectly copes with bright light, pleasing to the eye pleasant clarity and contrast and, unlike the younger models, is able to deflect from the body and rotate.

Electronics, functionality, and camera controls are otherwise the same as the NX200 and NX1000 series models. The same sensor, user-friendly interface, proprietary i-Function lens control system, 1080p video recording and continuous shooting at up to 8 fps, a decent set of effects and filters for amateurs. NX20, like other new products Samsung, is equipped with Wi-Fi- transmitter and is able to connect to online photo albums, social networks, “smart” phones, tablets and televisions Samsung.

In terms of compactness the new product loses to its nearest competitors, starting with its own cousins from the NX series: a miniature “system” camera suits miniaturization all the same. And the electronic viewfinder is in fact a thing of no sense and useless in many respects. However, if you want to replace the old DSLR for something just as comfortable, but lighter, and prefer the current design of traditional ergonomics, the Samsung NX20 may well be the best choice for you.

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