Samsung NaviBot™: robot called out? No matter what, cleaning begins..

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Samsung Electronics Company starts selling a robot-vacuum cleaner NaviBot ™ in America. The compact robot vacuum cleaner NaviBot autonomously travels around the house, providing quality cleaning of any coatings.

Now American housewives can save a lot of time by entrusting the cleaning of the room to a new assistant. NaviBot™ with its built-in camera can see your whole house and memorize the location of objects and charging stations, so it can clean any room quickly and efficiently.

If one battery charge is not enough to complete an entire apartment, the vacuum cleaner returns to the base station and charges for two hours, then returns to the place of cleaning and continues the process. No matter if you have two or ten rooms, NaviBot™ is up to the task.

Pet lovers will be happy with such an assistant, because the robot-vacuum cleaner will not only remove dirt and debris from the floor, but also carefully collect animal hair from the carpet, using special brushes. With the help of sensors, NaviBot™ knows how to “bypass” obstacles, so it won’t fall down stairs or get tangled in wires.

It cleans when you are not there, you can leave it running when you go to work, go for a walk, and come back to your cleaned and spotless apartment. The NaviBot™ will not break your favorite vase or scare a small child, because the owner has the ability to block the robot access to certain areas of the apartment. And with its unique cleaning function, it can automatically set the vacuum cleaner to do the same thing in every room.

The NaviBot™ has a recommended retail price of 19,990 Dollars in America.

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