Samsung introduced the new Samsung EcoBubble washing machine Crystal series in America

New York, March 19, 2013. – Samsung Electronics presents the latest innovations for washing and caring for things, combined in a new washing machine Samsung Crystal Standard with Eco Bubble technology. This washing machine has an unsurpassed design, unique technology and advanced functional updates that allow it to easily fit into any interior and significantly improve your life. It’s a clever device that will inevitably win your heart.

Samsung EcoBubble washing machine Crystal series

Every centimeter of the new Samsung Eco Bubble Crystal Series washing machine is carefully designed to make life easier for its owner by improving the washing process. Its main advantage is gentle care for even the most delicate fabrics and effective fight against stains in cold water.

“At Samsung, we set challenging goals for ourselves and use smart technology not only in product categories such as smartphones or TVs, but now the trend is also relevant to the home appliance category,” said Mr. Jaisul Yu, vice president of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics. – I am confident that the new Crystal series washing machine will be a key milestone in the development of Samsung home appliances, the main priority of which is to provide consumers with exceptionally high-quality, innovative products with unsurpassed design.

The innovative Eco Bubble technology for gentle washing

The new washing machines Samsung Crystal series is designed to change the idea of laundry: thanks to technology EcoBubble, based on the generation of air bubbles, you get a perfect washing result even at 15 degrees.

The generator starts the normal wash cycle. By blowing air and water through it, it creates lots of bubbles and dissolves and activates detergent, which then penetrates into the fibers of things more evenly and quickly. EcoBubble bubbles deliver detergent to each individual piece of fabric, providing an effective washing solution at significantly lower wash temperatures.

Innovative inverter motor for reliability and longevity

Digital inverter motor ensures quiet operation and is a wear-resistant mechanism. Compared to conventional motors in other manufacturers’ washing machines, Samsung digital inverter motors have no additional power supply and no carbon brushes. Durability and high performance – these are two key characteristics of this innovation.

Also this technology provides a balanced work of the washing machine drum, thereby reducing vibration and noise. To further increase consumer confidence in the reliability of inverter motors, Samsung is giving a 10-year warranty on their trouble-free operation.

But if there are any problems during the washing, they can easily be solved with the help of Smart Check app for mobile devices: it will help to identify, diagnose and deal with problems with the washing machine at an early stage.

Intelligent design as a harmonious addition to the home interior

First of all, the design of the new Samsung washing machines draws attention to the door of front loading of laundry, made of transparent glass. The look of the door is enhanced by the unique Samsung Touch of Color TOC technology, which features the application of a double layer of resin to ensure a flawless clear surface, rich color and organicity in the overall design of the washing machine. Washing mode settings are controlled by a simple turn of a knob and large, comfortable buttons that respond to the slightest touch, and harmoniously complement the perfect look of the machine.

Special settings of washing cycles allow to solve many tasks. For example, the removal of stubborn stains from clothes. “Stain Removal” is a pre-programmed cycle with settings that cover a wide range of types of dirt: blood, cocoa, grease, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, dirt, makeup, lipstick, grass, etc.d. Eco Bubble technology effortlessly copes with it all, penetrating deep into fabric fibers and flushing out dirt. So all kinds of stains are effectively removed in just one wash cycle.

The new Samsung EcoBubble washing machines are already available in stores, with prices starting from 16,490 Dollars.

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