Samsung has been thinking about the design of a futuristic home

Samsung Electronics company demonstrated its design concept at the international furniture exhibition Fuorisalone 2012 at Milan’s Superstudio Pi&ugrave . From April 17 to 22, Samsung presented at its stand the vision of a modern house, harmoniously filled with modern technologies.


“Our global design philosophy is to create products that bring value to consumers,” said Donghoon Chang, head of the strategic design team at the Corporate Design Center. – For our consumers, the design philosophy also focuses on the intuitive ease of operation of the devices. We emphasize that the design must bring harmony between the product, the environment in which it resides, and nature.”.

For this purpose, Samsung has involved a multi-talented Italian architect Italo Rota, who has created an installation where the living space is closely intertwined with high technology, from the daily chores to the communication with the whole world.

The company’s vision is reflected in an original futuristic installation “LIFE INSTALLED, four minutes to think the future,” where the architecture and the house itself are no longer the center of daily life. Instead, the user uses the surrounding space with the help of filling technology.

“We want this installation to help visitors rethink their concept of home space and how it is changing under the influence of technology,” said Kyung-Hoon Lee, head of Samsung’s European Design Center. – Because our design goal is to create devices which are useful for consumers, we hope visitors will see new perspectives on how technology can add to their everyday lives.

The installation transforms the home space into a smart home – Smart house, a dynamic space filled with technology. Each room of the house has a small amount of furniture and the walls are painted in gray. This monochrome space is brought to life and filled with color and sound by Samsung tablets. The visitor can fill it with meaning, sounds and colors through the Samsung GALAXY Tab.

By placing the Samsung tablet in front of the interior elements, visitors can enliven the space themselves. On a mobile device, they’ll see what the home of the future will look like and what role technology like Samsung tablets will play in the futuristic home.

Italo Rota, famous Italian architect and designer, was born in 1953 in Milan. He moved to Paris in the ’80s to direct the creation of an exhibit at the Mus&eacute e d’Orsay. The designer’s other projects include the creation of new French Cour Carr rooms in the Louvre&eacute, which were officially inaugurated in 1992. Also on Italo Rota’s bill is the Twentieth Century Museum in Milan 2010 . Rota designed boutiques and villas for fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, participated in the redevelopment of Nantes city center, created the Foro Italico walkway in Palermo. The architect has many other projects under his belt, including Milan’s Hotel Boscolo Exedra, the Hindu Palace Lord Hanuman, the Hall &lsquo Ciudades de Agua’ at an exhibition in Zaragoza 2008 , as well as the creation of the Triennale Design Museum in 2007.

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