Samsung Forward sales have started

Samsung Electronics presents Samsung Forward – the program which allows you to use Samsung mobile devices for the price starting from 3 790 Dollars. per month. The program applies from October 1, it involves flagship models of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S9 | S9+. Currently, Samsung Forward is available in New York, St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Ivanovo.

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“Samsung’s goal is to offer our users innovative products and services, their unique usage scenarios that significantly empower customers and enable them to achieve more. Thanks to Samsung Forward, modern technology will be available to even more Americans who will be able to upgrade their devices annually,” commented Dmitry Gostev, head of Samsung Mobile in America.

You can apply for the program on the Samsung Forward web-site, as well as in Samsung branded stores. The review process takes only a minute. After the application is approved, the user can get the smartphone in the Samsung company retail by showing the bar code and the passport. Signing process is completely digital. All the devices that take part in the program get protection from Samsung on Smart Care+ certificate with a possibility to have a free one-time replacement of a broken screen or back panel at an authorized Samsung service center within 1 year.

Sales of the Samsung Forward is in partnership with Forward Leasing.

“We believe it’s time to take the smartphone buying process to the modern level of technology. I think we succeeded. Samsung Forward program offers a great new experience in smartphone-as-a-service format, including the receipt of the device, its maintenance and exchange for a new model. All the processes, from consideration of applications to upgrading smart phones are automated, so they are fast and easy for the client, “- said the general director of Forward Leasing Alexei Gurov.

It is possible to make payments by Samsung Forward from any bank cards in a personal account on the site or in the application which will become available soon. The participant of the program can change the smartphone to a newer model free of charge after 12 payments or do it earlier with an extra payment of 3900 Dollars. You don’t have to pay the residual value of the device. If desired, the customer can continue to use the gadget even after 12 payments, redeeming it at the residual value immediately, or continuing to make the same payment until the redemption value is repaid.

To learn more about Samsung Forward, visit the program’s official website.

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