Samsung DV300F compact camera: you can shoot self-portraits with the alignment of the frame on the external screen

Innovative gadget-lovers will love the DV300F more than any other camera. Stylish, modern, and exceptionally smart compact features two color displays at once a small, additional one is on the front of the camera and a wireless data transfer module.

Photo equipment

16.1 MP _ 25-125 _ 5x _ 3″

The camera’s specifications are quite ordinary, but that’s not the most important thing either. Far more interesting are the unique capabilities implemented in the DV300F. For example, shooting self-portraits with frame alignment on the “external” screen.

Or create stunning animations that combine a static background with an animated subject. Or combining a photograph into a collage of two or three images. Or funny tools like the “crooked mirror” that distorts people’s faces into funny cartoons with elongated noses and comical smiles.

Finally, the ability to instantly upload your creative output to the cloud if you have an open wireless network nearby. As well as publish to Facebook, YouTube and transfer to a smartphone or tablet.

For serious photography, of course, it’s easy to pick up a machine with a large zoom or with manual control, for example. But if you want more out of your photography than technical details and you’re into advanced gadgets rather than cameras and lenses, the DV300F is the best choice for you.

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