Samsung Cherry series premium microwave ovens: the little giant of 3D cooking

New York, September 6, 2012 – Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new premium Cherry series of microwave ovens with 3D convection and touch control. They are designed for customers who value compact size and ease of use in their appliances. Cherry series ovens offer consumers a wide range of solutions for even and rapid cooking as well as defrosting and heating of various foods and meals. The interior of the oven is coated with bioceramic enamel and guarantees full antibacterial protection.

Premium Samsung Cherry series microwave ovens with 3D convection and touch control

The ceramic enamel, certified by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany, is very strong, corrosion- and wear-resistant, so there are no scratches or rust on it. This coating quickly and easily removes grease and other contaminants. The strength and durability of ceramic enamel makes it seven times more resistant to corrosion than other types of coatings inside microwave ovens.

In addition, even at very high temperatures, the Bio Ceramic coating retains the color of the surface. Samsung Electronics gives a 10-year warranty on this coating.

In the new Cherry line of microwave ovens implemented a number of unique technologies that provide maximum comfort during the use of this device. For example, the Quick defrost function allows you to defrost 500g of fish or meat in just a couple of minutes and still preserve the flavour of the food, and the Smart Sensing technology means you don’t have to keep track of how cooked the food is.

Thanks to the integrated sensor for measuring the quantity of liquid in the food, the system will automatically set the time and mode of cooking. It is ideal for cooking vegetables, ready meals, soups and drinks. In this case, the owners of new items from Samsung can always be sure that their culinary creations baked evenly, because it is a triple distribution of microwave technology TDS Triple Distribution System .

Samsung Cherry series premium microwave ovens - inside view

Unlike conventional systems, which have a single aperture antenna that emits microwaves, Samsung ovens feature two additional slot antennas. Thanks to this solution, the microwaves are evenly distributed, minimizing temperature differences at the various points of the food to be cooked.

Samsung always strives to produce economical and environmentally friendly appliances that consume the least amount of power. The new models of microwave ovens are no exception: in energy-saving mode, they provide the lowest standalone power consumption from Samsung.

Not least of all, the Samsung Cherry microwave ovens come preset with 60 recipes from the American menu. Thus, American users will be able to choose and easily prepare one of 15 dishes for breakfast, including cheese toasts, buckwheat porridge, salmon sandwiches, 15 lunch recipes – from salmon steak to dumplings, 15 options for dinner pizza, chicken drumsticks with prunes, steamed turkey, ratatouille, etc. and 15 dishes for dinner. , as well as 15 special dishes, such as chicken shish kebab, Boyarsky meat, stuffed peppers, etc.

Samsung Cherry microwave ovens will go on sale in America in September 2012 with a recommended retail price of 10,990 Dollars.

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