Saeco Intelia Latte Plus is equipped with Brita Intenza 4-level water filter

A special “Latte Macchiato” button is integrated into the interface of the coffee machine, which allows you to easily and quickly make a perfect coffee and milk beverage at the touch of a button. It’s no coincidence that the Saeco Intelia Latte Plus latte macchiato in a brilliant version was certified by the Association of Italian Tasters and got the status of a benchmark. With its variable temperature, strength and coffee volume, Saeco Intelia Latte Plus makes everything from an espresso to a big latte macchiato, just the way you like it.

Saeco Intelia Latte + coffee machine

Unique system of coffee pre-infusion allows the beverage to fully develop its aroma, while coffee grinder with ceramic grinders grinds the beans for each new cup, preventing their overheating and preserving their rich flavor.

Saeco Intelia Latte Plus is incredibly easy to use. It is equipped with a control panel with the widest color display among coffee machines in its price segment. The intuitive menu will guide you through all the necessary steps and allow you to easily configure the desired settings for coffee making.

The simplicity of use also includes easy care: Thanks to the automatic rinsing and descaling cycles the coffee machine will last for many years. In addition, removable parts and milk carafe can be washed in a dishwasher, and the brewing group – the heart of every automatic coffee machine – can be easily removed and rinsed under running water.

In addition the new model is equipped with the exclusive Brita Intenza 4-level water filter, which was exclusively developed for Saeco coffee machines by Brita. This coffee machine comes with a special agent for gently removing limescale in the tank, powder for cleaning milk channels and tablets for cleaning the brewing group.

Thanks to the modern sleek design and stainless steel finish Saeco Intelia Latte Plus coffee machine will be not only an ideal assistant in the preparation of coffee, but also a real decoration of your home.

The new Saeco Intelia Latte Plus will be available on the market in October 2012. Recommended retail price – 44990 Dollars.

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