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In an age when we have practically forgotten the warm sound of guitar and many people have never heard the sparkling sound of vinyl records, when smartphones with headphones have replaced our audio devices, we have practically forgotten what quality sound means.


Specialists of the Chinese company S.M.S.L have solved this problem by offering users a wide range of full featured DACs and full size receivers as well as headphone amplifiers. As well as the production facilities of many established Hi-Fi brands, the production of the S.M.S.L is in China. After 9 years on the market in 30 countries. In China itself, there is a network of hundreds of brand stores.




S.M.S.L has relatively recently entered the American market and almost immediately won the love of users by their stationary amplifiers. The range is being expanded all the time. The most “tasty” new products S.M.S.L steel A6 and AD13.

Audio equipment


A6 is a digital amplifier in a compact stylish housing. The device is equipped with Icepower module providing high output power and low distortion. The AD13 features Bluetooth support and has seven equalizer settings, separately combining the SDB SMSL DYNAMIC BASS and TONE functions.



Interesting new product SMSL SAP9 – amplifier for headphones, including balanced. The model is equipped with a filter, which can significantly reduce the possible noise.


SMSL Idol+



As well as S.M.S.L offers two baby models Idol+ and IVY, they are tiny amplifiers DACs, compatible with virtually any headphones. Idol+ is a new version of the already beloved Idol, it has on board a high-performance chip MAX97220A, which provides support for sampling rates up to 192 kHz. The SMSL IVY is a compact DAC with a built-in headphone amplifier designed specifically to work with Android devices.

Audio Engineering


The new iCon portable headphone amplifier/dAC from SMSL is an inexpensive and easy way to improve the sound quality of your iPhone7 or any other iOS device. Three buttons on the body of the model are designed to control volume and playback, as well as to answer calls – the model is equipped with a built-in microphone. Headphone jacks: 3.5mm, Apple Lightning.

The retail price of the novelties starts from 2690rub for the baby IVY and comes up to 40590rub for the multifunctional SMSL A6.

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    What specific features and technologies does the S.M.S.L. brand offer to ensure excellent sound quality?

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