Rowenta Respectis Pro CV7430: a style that inspires a desire – always to be irresistible!

The Rowenta Respectis Pro CV7430 does more than styling, it just gives your hair the care it needs. Thanks to the innovative RESPECT drying mode, the Respectis Pro dryer delivers up to 25% more moisture to your hair*!

For your personal grooming needs

In the fast-paced city life our hair quickly becomes dull and brittle: exposure to sunlight, coloring, bad ecology, headgear and stress are their constant companions.

But with the right care, healthy-looking curls won’t be difficult to maintain. Rowenta has developed an innovative hair dryer designed to blow-dry your hair gently and quickly every day for a groomed look and feel.

The scientific combination of temperature and airflow enables quick drying without damaging the hair: the temperature 65°C ensures that each strand is optimally protected from overheating, while the airflow of 15m/s reduces damage to the hair.

As you know, it is the high power of a hair dryer that guarantees a professional result, even if you don’t have much styling skill. The incredibly powerful Respectis Pro CV7430 2400W , with its narrow concentrator 15mm , makes everyday styling quicker.

And the exclusive active diffuser gives your hair the volume it needs. The silicone fingers, which vibrate when the dryer is in operation, lift hair up at the roots, giving you a voluminous style and a pleasant scalp massage. It’s the latest from Rowenta, so you spend less time creating great-looking hairstyles than ever before!

It has six extra drying modes and a cold air blast to lock in styling results.

The Respectis Pro CV7430 also has an ionisation function to release electrostatic charge, to preserve the hair’s internal moisture.

The new Respectis Pro CV7430 hair dryer from Rowenta is the perfect solution for everyday styling and hair health care. The unique RESPECT feature won’t leave hair unprotected, and the high performance guarantees perfect results.

The Respectis Pro CV7430 from Rowenta is priced at £2,299.

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