Roskachestvo tested new models of smartwatches

Roskachestvo updated the rating of smartwatches, adding 22 more models – now in a total rating of 67 models. The spring ranking leader, the Garmin Forerunner 630, has defended its right to the title of best smartwatch, but almost the entire top ten has changed. All because Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Fitbit released updates to their lines, which were able to rank high. Roskachestvo experts tell about the most worthy novelties.


For apple lovers: Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple has released a continuation of its line of smartwatches – Apple Watch Series 6 and a more affordable model – Apple Watch SE. The differences between the two were minimal, but at the same time, the cheaper version took a higher position in the Roskachestvo rating. Why so?

The Apple Watch Series 6 has a third-generation optical heart rate sensor, while the Apple Watch SE still has the previous second-generation one. Our tests have shown that the Apple Watch SE sensor is the most accurate.

An interesting new feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the ability to measure ECG and blood oxygen saturation levels, which is not the case with the Apple Watch SE. Adding these two new sensors to the already extensive list of monitoring programs makes the Apple Health app, which records all the data on the health of the owner, almost a full-fledged medical card. These sensors are the main reason for the price difference. Apple Watch SE GPS 44 mm is cheaper than Watch Series 6 GPS 44 mm by 12 thousand Dollars.

Apple Watch comes close to replacing the smartphone altogether, thanks in large part to direct access to the Apple Store. It has the highest scores for smart features and one of the highest scores for physical activity monitoring features.

The best smartwatch for Android – Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung continued its Galaxy Watch lineup with a third model, which has taken a place in our top 5. Galaxy Watch 3 is made of quality materials, has a bright and contrast AMOLED display and high durability. In the operating system of the watch you can install additional applications, and you can do it not only from your smartphone, but also from the watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is a full-fledged health monitoring center. The Samsung Health app allows you to record all your well-being data, so you have a reliable source of health dynamics on your hand. In this respect, the Galaxy Watch3 is ahead of the Apple Watch. They, too, have a blood oxygen sensor, ECG sensor, women’s health monitoring, but the distinctive feature of the watch from Samsung is the ability to measure blood pressure.

Galaxy Watch3 will work without recharging for 96 hours, which is twice the performance of Apple. The only thing they are inferior to their competitor is the accuracy of the fitness metrics.

The Galaxy Watch3 is a great choice for Android smartphone owners for whom smart features with personalization options are primarily important. Galaxy Watch3 is less relevant to athletes, rather, it will be appreciated by those, who are important to control their own well-being.


Garmin venu Sq is best for measuring physical activity

The manufacturers of specialized sports equipment Garmin are known for their quality smartwatches, which are appreciated not only by athletes, but also by active users who want to always stay connected without having to contact your smartphone every time. Garmin venu Sq stand out with the balance of smart and fitness functional components. This smartwatch has the highest accuracy in all physical activity counts.

Those who like to combine physical activity with their favorite music will appreciate the convenience of controlling the music player. But music lovers Roskachestvo experts recommend choosing the modification Garmin venu Sq Music Edition, which has built-in storage for music and allows Wi-Fi download music from streaming services and listen to it without the Internet, using for this purpose Bluetooth-headphones.

In addition to a high level of customization everything can be modified, from the display to the most specialized workouts , the Garmin venu Sq has a whole set of sensors that will help monitor your well-being even stress level control is included . With Garmin Elevate system you can monitor the blood oxygen saturation level. Without additional recharging the watch can be used for more than 10 days – an impressive result for a smartwatch.

The pandemic has made adjustments to smartwatch functionality

Now smartwatch becomes a real self-diagnostic device. Manufacturers have responded to the increased demand and have begun introducing blood oxygen SpO2 measurement into their gadgets. Roskachestvo experts conducted a test run with 5 models of smartwatches. Men and women ages 18 to 55 participated in the test. The readings of all smartwatches were checked against a monitoring device pulse oximeter . Overall, the smartwatch showed good results, where the minimum error was 1.3 and the maximum was 2.1. Manufacturers and medical experts warn that smartwatches should not be considered medical devices. The lower a person’s blood oxygen saturation, the higher the error in the readings will be.


Are there any quality smartwatches under 10,000 Dollars??

Inexpensive smartwatches are most often made of cheaper materials and rarely have a wide range of smart functions, they do not provide a full-fledged connection with a smartphone. Their main function is to give reliable results in the measurement of physical activity and ensure that athletes can always stay in touch. Let’s list the most interesting new products in this price category.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2e is a smart watch for those who want accuracy and a wide range of functions to track physical activity. This watch has the ability to measure the blood oxygen level SpO2 , and in our pilot test HUAWEI Watch GT 2e was the most accurate 1.3 units of error . They are unlikely to suit those who are not engaged in physical activity and want from the clock maximum capabilities in terms of smartphone management. HUAWEI Watch GT 2e notifies about all the messages that will come to your smartphone, but you can not answer them, alas. With them you can not control the camera, and to control the music player there are only the most basic features.

HUAWEI Watch Fit is similar to its counterpart HUAWEI Watch GT 2e in many ways, but this watch has its own features. The watch has the ability to display animated workouts.

The HUAWEI Watch Fit also has the ability to measure oxygen levels in the blood SpO2 . Compared to the same HUAWEI Watch GT 2e, the main disadvantages of this watch are less accuracy in fitness indicators and less battery life.

Amazfit GTR has only the most basic smartphone control functions. They will serve as a convenient notification device for athletes, but even viewing the received messages from the network will not be so easy and will require extra touches. From its competitors Amazfit GTR not at its best has a fairly high inaccuracy in measuring the distance, steps taken and heart rate.

All smartwatches are a good motivator to exercise and improve quality of life!

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