Roskachestvo presented an updated international rating of smartphones 2018. New models, new features, new leaders

Roskachevo together with ICRT International Consumer Research and Testing continued a large-scale examination of smartphones on the market in 2018 – to the attention of users is presented an updated rating consisting of 296 smartphones.

Phones and connectivity

New products on the smartphone market including Apple, Huawei, LG, HTC, Asus, Samsung, Sony Xperia, and others were tested on 229 quality and security parameters for mobile devices. The large-scale study examined the fundamentally important characteristics of smartphones: phone features, ergonomics smartphone usability , camera and video, calls, text messaging, music, navigation and the Internet.

These groups of indicators imply both general criteria power and multifunctionality, versatility and usability of the interface , and more specific parameters: fingerprint scanner, water resistance, durability, speech quality in noisy environments and others.

According to the results of the general evaluations 2018 Roskatchestvo updated the rating of the top 10 smartphones – among all the phones studied, the most in the top ten brands is Samsung 6 models, all – Galaxy , three iPhone models and one – Huawei. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tops the list. It is followed by 2 new Apple models – iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. 3 new products “moved” the leaders of the previous rating down by 4 positions: Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8 and S8+ are on the 4th to 7th places respectively. The iPhone 8 Plus took the eighth line in the ranking, while the “closing” are Huawei P20 Pro line 9 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 line 10 . As for Apple’s out of the top ten smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone X , they are located at 11 and 12 places, respectively.

The iPhone XS and XS Max models have pleased: compared to their predecessor iPhone X, these brands have improved the performance of the processor, the battery life of the smartphone has also improved markedly. The most spectacular improvement of the iPhone is support for two SIM-cards: the Nano-SIM card and a digital eSIM card. However, to use the innovation is not yet possible – it requires a corresponding update of the operating system iOS, which will appear before the end of this year. But even after that it is not yet possible to use in our country – the use of eSIM at the moment is prohibited by law and is not supported by American operators.

As for the leader of the rating 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in terms of characteristics it is very similar to Note 8, but has a higher battery capacity and, therefore, keeps the charge longer.

ICRT study also identified strengths and weaknesses of the rating leaders – the flagships of Samsung and Apple. So, Samsung models differ from competitors with their high sound quality, battery capacity, phone capabilities, quality of calls, as well as their resistance to water.

And the leader in photo and video quality is still the Apple flagship models, the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a better camera than its predecessors iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, they are ranked 3rd to 5th . It should be noted that the leader of the ranking, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, lost to Apple products in terms of picture quality by a hundredth of a point.

At the same time, new iPhones, as well as their predecessors, including the iPhone X, have actually failed the durability test tumblr test . Definitely, these phones should not be dropped: there is a high probability that they will break.

The rating, based on the survey results, allows each consumer to make a choice based solely on his or her own preferences. At the moment users can compare 296 smartphone models already.


International Consumer Research & Testing ICRT is an international association of consumer testing and research quality of goods and conducts thousands of tests of products a year. ICRT has the ability to inform an average of 30 to 40 million people through the publications of ICRT member organizations around the world. America has been represented in ICRT by Roskachestvo since 2016.

The uniqueness of the joint research with ICRT is the ability to objectively compare smartphones, as they all passed absolutely identical tests. The rating, based on the results of a study of all indicators, allows each consumer to make a choice based solely on their own preferences. Expect the results of the new batch of smartphones, including the latest new products, on the Roskachestvo website in winter 2019.


Phones and communications

Every year the phone rating is updated with new models of advanced smartphones. All products undergo the same tests in the same laboratory conditions with the participation of international experts: tests of mechanical strength include repeated removal and installation of the battery, the stability of displays are tested with special robots scratching the glass surfaces, smartphones are subjected to shocks and falls, as well as tested for moisture by special “rain” tests.

A total of 402 smartphone models have been tested so far by Roskachestvo and ICRT. 106 of them are already out of the market, but they are in the archive, so consumers can compare the new models with their old phones.

As you can see, the study does not stand still: experts are upgrading test methods, improving categories, changing their weights in the overall rating system. Thus, the least changes occurred in the categories of music, calls and navigation, and more in the category of ergonomics. For example, previously the device registration process included 4 assessments: for inclusion, commissioning, registration and convenience of the registration process. In 2018, only one overall score remained for the entire registration process.



But with the advent of new features in smartphones came new tests. For example, regarding the unlocking of the device. Now the experts are testing the face recognition function and iris scan. In particular, they try to trick the function and check how it will work in non-standard conditions in the dark, against the sun, with a person wearing glasses, etc. . d. .

Each smartphone presented in the study was put into laboratory testing in two instances. Testing of two identical smartphones allowed the most accurate determination of the pros and cons of a particular model, virtually eliminating the random factor in the detection of flaws in an individual device. All laboratory tests were conducted at a comfortable temperature for the devices – from 20 to 25 ° C, at a relative humidity of 45 to 60% and at normal atmospheric pressure.

All smartphones went through an absolutely identical test program, the tests were conducted by the same qualified experts using advanced equipment.

Acoustic tests were carried out in a semi-anechoic room. It met the standards of the first class of accuracy in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 10 kHz. The room is suitable for measuring low-level audio parameters such as signal-to-noise ratio, and provides low levels of external noise.

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