Roskachestvo has updated the rating of TVs. The leading positions were taken by the devices of one brand

Roskachevo, together with the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations ICRT , presented an updated rating of TVs, with 21 models added this spring.


Rating of new models of the year led to the OLED-TV from LG with a diagonal of 55 inches LG OLED55BXRLB . The device has taken the leading position due to image quality. Screen gives a balanced, natural colors with a minimum of artifacts: this applies to all image formats and video scenes, which were evaluated by experts in the laboratory on a special equipment. The TV runs on the webOS Smart TV operating system and is quick and easy to navigate.

In most cases, those models of TVs, which show good results in tests of picture quality, get high places in the rating as a result. The size of the diagonal and the year of production of the device does not guarantee that the picture will be clear, contrast and with good detail. In the top five of the studied novels 21 models , were four devices from brand LG and one – from Philips.


Philips 55OLED805 TV is a good alternative to LG models. This is a 55-inch Android TV with 4K UHD and Smart TV support, but its menu structure is far from intuitive. The device gives a good color contrast and high level of detail, with the caveat that in dark scenes there may be losses in detail. When watching video in Ultra HD, experts note the high quality, but it is possible and blurry, and loss of contrast.

Stanislav Polubinsky, Director of Analysis Department at Roskachevo

“The Roskachevo survey showed that users’ opinions are divided: 46.9% of respondents use TVs to watch movies and 43.2% use them to watch public television. And for both groups, picture quality is extremely important. Our research is just about to help you choose the right diagonal model with the best quality for a variety of purposes.

TV sets with OLED matrix type they got into the top 5 took the first places, leaving behind LCD models liquid crystal of the same LG 65UN74006LA , Sony brands KD-65XH9077 and KD-65XH9096 and Samsung UE50TU7090UXRU . In general, OLED TVs show better image quality, which is an important criterion that affects the overall score.

In addition, OLED TVs support 4K Ultra HD, which today is the best option to buy. As Roskatchestvo earlier showed, despite the lower resolution, 4K televisions are superior to 8K models in image quality.

The main reason behind the premium models is lower picture quality. But with a limited budget, for example, LCD-TV from Samsung UE50TU7090UXRU with a diagonal of 50 inches is the best choice for everyday use. The only thing, if you want to install new applications for SmartTV on it, you need to have an account from Samsung.



Overall conclusion

Updating the rating of TVs with new models shows that the best of them will support 4K resolution, have an OLED matrix and a diagonal of at least 48 inches. Among the devices, costing up to 50 thousand Dollars, you can also find high-quality models with a large diagonal.

It is better to start choosing a suitable TV by estimating the free space for mounting the device, paying attention to the screen resolution, as well as the type of matrix, the sound quality and the presence of the necessary slots in the TV.

Roskachestvo first presented its TV survey in November 2020. Today’s rating consists of 222 models and is the largest category by the number of units represented. The top 10 also consists almost entirely of LG TVs one of the models is Samsung . The rating will continue to be updated with new models of devices.

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