Robot vacuum cleaner from Hoover: aye-aye and no more dirt!

Innovative technologies become an integral part of modern life. Following the world’s leading trends in home technology, the Candy Hoover Group presents the first in a series of robotic vacuum cleaners – the Hoover, with its unique AAI™ Algoritmic Advanced Intelligence feature, which detects dirt and the path to it.


The main advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is, of course, saving time. If you don’t want to do the cleaning yourself, just leave it to Robo.Com, which perfectly does all the dirty work for you. It is equipped with three special brushes, polishing mode, a sensor that allows you to bypass furniture and other obstacles without hitting them, and do not fall from the surfaces located on high.

And you don’t have to worry about damaging your floors, the Robo.equipped with special rubberized wheels. If you need to divide the cleaning space into several separate zones, the set of vacuum cleaners includes a sensor “virtual wall”, which will be perceived by the vacuum cleaner as an insurmountable obstacle.

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At the same time you can “vacuum” by setting the to one of nine programs that you choose from on the built-in LSD display, four of which are based on a special feature from the Candy Hoover Group: AAI™ Algoritmic Advanced Intelligence . AAI uses an infrared sensor to select the best path to the soiled area circular, perimeter, etc.p , depending on the layout of your room and objects in it.

Time of running a vacuum cleaner from 60 to 120 minutes, a full charge of the battery is achieved in 3-4 hours. The vacuum cleaner can be operated either manually or with a remote control, which deserves a special mention.

Instead of infrared radiation, it uses radio waves, which have several advantages: they circumvent obstacles and do not interfere with other devices such as TV , besides their range of 10 meters, compared with two in infrared .

Despite its small size, has a number of additional features that can significantly save time and provide better cleaning. The Full&Go feature gives you peace of mind that the vacuum cleaner cleans when the battery is fully charged, so you can get on with your business without worrying about cleanliness – it does all the work around the house for you. And if you have unexpected guests, the Turbo function can help, providing intensive cleaning in a matter of minutes.


And Scheduling is great for those who are used to clear scheduling time. This option allows you to program your vacuum cleaner to clean according to the days of the week. Cleaner automatically returns to base to recharge the battery after each cleaning.

Another useful feature is an infrared lamp with antibacterial action. It provides hygienic cleaning of your floors and reduces the spread of various bacteria, fungi, viruses and dust mites.

Like most Candy Hoover Group products, the vacuum cleaner comes in three colors: blue, gray and black inserts.

The model will go on sale at a recommended price of 20,000 to 27,000 Dollars, depending on the equipment.

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