Robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522: cleans the floor on command from your smartphone

BBK BV3522 robot vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning. See how it performs. We will check up not in empty office, but in an ordinary apartment where carpets, armchairs, wires, flowers, slippers and inquisitive cat.

bbk bv3522

Construction and design of a robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522

The front of the BBK BV3522 is flat and straight, while the rear is rounded. That said, the vacuum cleaner is practically square 305×305 mm. Height 75 mm.

The upper part of the body is snow-white and cream-colored with a silver finish.

bbk bv3522

Moves the robot with the help of two large wheels with rubber coating, controls the movement of the front small wheel, rotating 360 °.

On the front there are two side brushes – “electric brushes” which sweep up all dust and dirt that meet on their way, closer to the center. There is a rotating brush, under which there is a hole for ingesting dust. Its length is 15 cm, which allows you to clean a large enough space in one pass.

Next to it are the robot’s spatial position sensors and charging base contacts.

bbk bv3522 bottom

All collected dust falls into a plastic container of 0.35 liters.

Pre-filter and HEPA filter protect the vacuum cleaner motor and the air in the room from dust.

For wet cleaning, there is a separate container, to which the velcro is attached a microfiber cloth. It is installed in place of the dust container before you send the robot to clean the floors.

Comes with optional HEPA filter and cleaning cloth.

Charging can be made at the base, where the vacuum cleaner itself arrives after cleaning, or you can insert the power cord into the hole in the body and recharge so.

vacuum cleaner bbk bv3522


On the side of the BBK BV3522 robot vacuum cleaner there is a power button.

Once it is turned on, you can control the robot in three ways:

  1. From the start home button on the body.
  2. With remote control. This is how you can set the cleaning modes.
  3. From a smartphone via the Dibeo app.


Button Start acts as an informer, which informs about the state of the robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 different colors of the indicator:

  • Yellow – “Waiting”.
  • Green – “Working”.
  • Blue – “Coming to base”.
  • Flashing light green – “charging”.
  • Red – “SOS, error”.

Modes of operation

  1. If you just press the Start button, the BBK BV3522 robotic vacuum cleaner will periodically change the path itself. It moves either in a zig-zag pattern or along walls and in corners along the edge. When encountering an obstacle, the robot turns and goes the other way.
  2. When controlling with the remote control you can select the suction power: delicate normal strong, include local cleaning mode, set the robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 direction of movement and send it to the base.
  3. With smartphone control, you can select power, set direction, put it to sleep, send it to base. The screen also shows the battery level of the device.

bbk robot brush

Test № 1. Automatic mode

Press start button and robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 went to collect dust and dirt, while studying the peculiarities of the layout.

It began to move in a zig-zag, went this way the whole room, went into the hallway and went to the room opposite. There took out half the room and turned the back.

I liked the way it crawled under cupboards, armchairs and drawers, collecting dust where a regular vacuum cleaner can’t reach. But it got stuck under the couch, I had to save the poor guy, and then close the approach to the couch, although the robot was trying to look under it again. Just no luck, the height of the gap between the couch and the floor is about the same height vacuum cleaner about 8 cm , so he can not get out of there.

The total time of cleaning was about 2 hours, after which the robot BBK BV3522 already wanted to go home. He quickly parked and started charging for the next feats.

Separate pleasure to watch the cat watching the robot. Walks behind it with a fluffy tail, looks, but is afraid to come over, jumps on the couch or bed and from there looks with huge eyes at the new unknown “beast-beast” who unceremoniously crawls around the apartment.

After cleaning, shook out a container full of dust and debris! The vacuum cleaner didn’t go through 100% of everything in the rooms. I think the bulk of the garbage from hard-to-reach places, where it can easily penetrate.


Robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 is a good “rover”, gets dust and dirt from under all cabinets and chairs. Wires on the floor is not afraid of, when encountering obstacles changes its direction, if it gets in a difficult living situation, such as a tight space under the table, where the legs of chairs prevent, it tries to get out, and though not very quickly, but finds its way to the freedom.

bbk robot

Cleaning the container

The housing compartment with a container can be easily removed. Here’s pulling out the HEPA filter is a little trickier, it has a little “tail” that you have to pull on. If the nails are short, it’s not very comfortable – but that’s a pickle.

bbk bv3522 cleaning the container

Test #2. Checking the app

Controlling home appliances via smartphone apps no one is surprised, and in the foreground are the issues of convenience. Now we’ll see how it works.

Dibeo I downloaded in a couple of minutes. It took me a couple of minutes to register on it, I had to enter the code I received in my email. I selected the device from the list of suggested models and after about 30 seconds I already entered the interface.

I tried it: the vacuum cleaner obediently changed the suction power, went to the base or worked in automatic mode. But the command “set point” was incomprehensible to me or to him.



The app is simple, easy to use. Makes life easier, not harder.

Test № 3. Checking the remote control

Very interesting thing to control the robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 remote control.

You can send it off in one motion, the main thing is to understand how the device sees them, and consider that it needs a fraction of a second to figure out what you want from it.

From the remote control available mode local cleaning: vacuum cleaner starts to rotate on its axis, gradually increasing the amplitude, until it bumps into some obstacle. After that, it continues to work in automatic mode.

For the remote control you need two AA batteries, the robot does not have them in the package.


It’s quick and convenient and it’s a shame there’s no device to fix the remote control to the base so it doesn’t get lost.

BBK vacuum cleaner

Test No.4. Clean the floor

Just all vacuumed, while testing, you can wash the floors. Change the container: it’s a minute thing, the hardest thing is to shake out all the trash.

Pour water into the container for washing, I also moistened the rag. Put the container in the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Put the vacuum cleaner on the floor, press start. He ran down the hallway, wiping the floor. You can, of course, leave the robot alone. But for speed, especially if the area is small, it is better to control from a smartphone or remote control.

In 10 minutes BBK wiped all the hallway, in a particularly “passable” places forced him to spin in local cleaning mode.

Once the robot vacuum cleaner came into the kitchen, but hitting the carpet, offended beeped, the indicator light turned red, and I took it away.

Important: In this mode, the vacuum cleaner just wipes the floor, it does not suck up the dust. So you have to run it in “dry mode first and then “wet mode”.


Does not cope badly with cleaning the floor, but it is better to direct the process. This is an entertaining thing to do can be entrusted to the children – teenagers or my husband. Trust me, they’ll love running the robot.

BBK vacuum cleaner


Robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 does not like the threshold, takes them as an obstacle, immediately turns back. This, on the one hand, is good – it will not go where it should not. On the other hand, limits the space it will clean if you run it before leaving the house.

bbk robot to the base

The features

Functions: dry and wet cleaning, battery life up to 150 minutes.

Modes: automatic program, cleaning zig-zag, cleaning along the walls and around obstacles.

Suction power: 30W.

Filtration: pre-cleaning, fine purification HEPA.

Technology: room mapping, spatial orientation sensor.

Power: 2600 mAh Li-ion battery.

Container: the volume of dust 0.35 l for water 0.35 l.

Dimensions: 305×305×75 mm.

Warranty: 1 year. Lifetime: 3 years.

Bottom line

BBK BV3522

Robot vacuum cleaner BBK BV3522 – not a bad standalone assistant to maintain cleanliness in the apartment. It vacuums or mops the floors while you work, study, read, and generally do more useful and interesting things. Easy to use, it is possible to control its actions from your smartphone or remote control. In addition to automatic mode, there is a function of local cleaning, which runs with the remote control.

There is no way to attach the remote control to the base of the vacuum cleaner so it does not get lost.

the consumer recommends

BBK BV3522 robot vacuum cleaner gets “Consumer Recommendation” diploma.

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