Roast Meat

We will need


lamb chop,


Pork or veal,

2 tablespoons of cooking fat or margarine,

Salt to taste,

seasonings to taste

How to cook

Heat an empty pressure cooker pot without a lid over medium heat until the edges of the pot are sizzling from the touch of wet fingers. Put the cooking fat in the bottom of the pan and wait for it to melt. Now place the meat and fry it thoroughly on all sides until it browns. Taste and season.

Take out the meat, drain the fat. Put a wire rack on the bottom of the pressure cooker and place the meat on it. Add 250-300g of water, depending on the size of the pan. Make sure the water only covers the grill a little. Season and season with salt.

Close the lid if it won’t put on because of the difference in temperature with an already heated pot, put it just on top of the pot for a while until the lid is hot, then close it tightly .

After reaching preset pressure see pressure cooker instructions cook: beef 8-10 minutes, lamb 10-12 minutes, pork or veal 12-15 minutes.

If the meat is old, these numbers need to be increased a little.

Do not quickly steam or cool the pan under a stream of cold water, preferably let it cool until the pressure drops. This applies to cooking meat as well as poultry.

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