Ritmix SP-077, one of the smallest and loudest mini speaker system announced!


– The Ritmix Mini Speaker System is a compact speaker system that can surprise anyone with loud and clear sound. Speakers are compatible with most multimedia devices cell phones, smartphones, tablets, MP3-, MP4-, CD-, DVD-players, personal computers, laptops, portable gaming consoles, etc. . What is irreplaceable quality that sets it apart from other manufacturers Mini speaker systems.

Audio equipment

Mini speaker system

Ritmix SP-077

As the American proverb says: a small but bold! Despite its small size, the Ritmix SP-077 has a built-in FM receiver.

For better signal reception is used the included USB cable, it is also used for charging through the USB port or

for connecting to external devices via 3.5mm headphone jack smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. .d. .

Built-in battery, compact size and non-slip rubberized stand allows you to use the device in stationary conditions, as well as in mobile mode.

Full battery life for about 2 hours at medium volume, about an hour and a half at high volume.

Metal case protects from damage from physical impacts. MicroSD memory card slot, USB-flash card slot allows for

Automatic playback of audio files directly from memory cards. Built-in equalizer allows you to adjust the sound using the “EQ” button depending on the musical

Composition and user preference. All connectors and control buttons are on the bottom of the unit.

Ritmix SP-077 mini speaker system will go on sale in the first half of December 2014, with a recommended retail price of 750r.


  • Compact Mini Speaker System
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • FM radio receiver
  • MicroSD memory card slot USB-flash port
  • mp3 player function – playback from memory cards
  • Built-in equalizer


  • Playable audio formats MP3
  • Additional features FM-receiver
  • Special Features Media playback
  • Playable frequency range 160 – 20.000 Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio > 80 dB
  • Sound power speakers 4W
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Battery capacity of 400 mAh
  • Mini-USB inputs
  • Supported media MicroSD, USB-flash


  • Mini speaker
  • Mini-USB to USB 3.5mm cable
  • Instruction manual
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