Ritmix released two new models of powerbanks

At the end of July, Ritmix will add two new models of mobile chargers power banks to its range: RITMIX RPB-10977PQC and RPB-12077P.


Ritmix RPB-10977PQC

The Ritmix RPB-10977PQC has two outlets for charging devices: Type C and USB QC 3.0, for the most modern gadgets. Type C connector fits the latest Apple, Samsung and other most anticipated new products from late 2017 and early 2018. It’s also capable of charging a MacBook Air. The second output is a USB connector with the modern Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 system.0 QC 3.0 , supported by modern smartphones, tablets with Snapdragon 821, 820, 620, 618, 617 and 430 chipsets.

Innovative step was the introduction of smart voltage detection. New technology allows you to identify and dynamically adjust the optimal output power directly to the given device and the stage of the power process. This optimization reduces energy waste and prevents battery overheating, which will prolong the battery life of the mobile device.

The main feature in Quick Charge 3.0 wasn’t so much the charging speed as it was the “ability” to save energy. All flagship smartphones based on the Snapdragon 820/821 processor and some mid-range devices are now equipped with support for fast charging.

Computers and peripherals

Ritmix RPB-12077P

The second novelty in July among Ritmix mobile chargers, RPB-12077P model, has two standard USB outputs with 5V, 2.1A charging up to 2.4A total , this allows you to charge two gadgets at the same time. It has a high-capacity 12000 mAh battery with a lifetime of at least 500 cycles, as well as an LED-charge indicator.

Low self-discharge, excellent battery life and easy operation. Just as the device is equipped with a controller Smart IC, which determines the optimal parameters for charging a connected device. Older cell phones with optimal, low current charge, and the latest smart phones get the current and voltage settings for charging.

Both models are presented in a stylish and durable aluminum casing. Compact and lightweight, the device fits well in your hand and is easy to carry even with your smartphone, in case of emergency charging. Both novelties are presented in two color variants: gray and silver.

No doubt, the novelties will be necessary for those, who need to stay in touch and actively use mobile devices, “not being tied” to the stationary outlet.

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