Ritmix has released three models of headphones with flat wire

The other day the Korean brand Ritmix added three new models of headphones with flat cord to its catalog: RH-181, RH-183 and RH-185. Bright, vivid colors, excellent acoustic characteristics, and most importantly, “untangleable” cable promises to make these novelties a real hit.

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Flat cord headphones are gaining more and more popularity every day. Due to the peculiarities of its shape, it is less likely to get tangled, it less likely to crease, it serves its owner longer. Following the latest trend, the Korean brand Ritmix in February released three models of headphones with this wire “noodle”: RH-181, RH-183 and RH-185.


All three novelties are designed as in-ear inserts. Thanks to the large diameter of the drivers – 10 mm in the models RH-181 and RH-183, 8 mm in the model RH-185 – the headphones perfectly transmit the sound of the bass, and a wide frequency range allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes in any musical genre.

Bright, juicy spring shades and a variety of color combinations make small, elegant earphones Ritmix RH-181, Ritmix RH-183 and Ritmix RH-185 especially attractive


Another important advantage of novelties, traditional for the popular Korean brand, is a convenient price. The manufacturer promises that the headphones RH-181, Ritmix RH-183 and Ritmix RH-185 will cost around 300 Dollars. The models are planned for release in the American market in early March.

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