Ricotta in an Ariete 0615 B Cheese

I was so impatient to try making cheese with the Ariete 0615 B Cheese, that I didn’t wait until my dacha life was over, and I brought this device to my country house.

ricotta for breakfast

At the beginning of the summer I wrote about the main characteristics of this device, and now I began to test it.

I’ll add here the names of the programs that Ariete 0615 B Cheese has:

  • Basic Cheese
  • Fast Cheese
  • Vegan cheese
  • Mazarella
  • Yogurt
  • Greek yogurt


Since cheese is a serious matter, and the test will take a long time, I decided to post the material in portions – for the kind of cheese I’m making.

Today I will tell you how I made ricotta – a young cheese, something between curd and fresh cheese.


In the package of the cheese cooker attached two recipe books in six languages, but the American is not among them.

The ariete website has all the recipes in American, and I use them.

Test # 1. Ricotta

For ricotta you need:

2 L of milk,

1,5 ch. l. salt 10 g,

No scales at the cottage, I use folk’s measures in spoons


1 teaspoonful of citric acid 6 g dissolved in a tablespoon of water.

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ariete cheese maker

  • Poured the milk into the cheesecloth first, added salt, stirred.
  • Put the cheese container in, closed the lid.
  • I plugged the cheese maker into the socket, pressed ok to select the “quick cheese” program and pressed the on button to confirm.

That’s it, the process is on.

  • After about an hour and a half, a gentle beep sounded and the “with dropper” indicator on the cheese maker lit up. So it’s time to add the citric acid solution. I added it, stirred it, pressed the ok button. The indicator light went out.

    The program continues to run anyway, even if you don’t add anything or hit the Ok button. It’s just that in this case the light doesn’t go off.

  • About forty minutes later I hear another beep and the “arrow up” light comes on. That means it’s time to lift the cheese container and set it over the bowl to drain the whey. I lifted and turned the bowl 45 degrees and it sits snugly over the bowl – comfortable.

ricotta in the dairy

  • After about thirty more minutes the beep sounded – that’s it, the program is over. The cheese is ready. Basically, if you like it drier, you can still leave it in the container, but it’s already pretty dense.

ricotta after cooking

  • I turned the container upside down over a plate, tapped the bottom of it with a spoon, the cheese fell off. It came out with such a fluted top, beautiful. Now we have to wait for it to cool and put it in the fridge to cool.

The milk test

The first time I took the cheese container out of the cheese maker, there was nothing there. The cheesecake test turned into a milk test.

ricotta in a slice

The ricotta is delicious. Dense texture, delicate flavor. I added pureed currants for a great breakfast!

I made about 350 grams of ricotta from 2 liters of milk.

If you strain the whey, you can get another 20-30 grams – the smallest flakes seeped through the walls of the container. And there’s about 10 grams left on the bottom of the machine.


I already know what I like and what I don’t like about the Ariete 0615 B Cheese.

Sophisticated programs, prompts, easy operation. It’s compact, neat. It comes with a lot of accessories. Recipes are adapted to the device, you can follow them and get good results.

The most annoying part is that you can’t remove the bowl. I have to use a sponge to wipe it down, then wash the sponge and rinse the bowl again! I’m still missing a plastic spoon to stir the ingredients with.

The second part of the test will be a quick cheese with Mediterranean herbs.

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