Ricoh has expanded its range of projectors for business use with new devices

Ricoh, one of the world’s leading suppliers of print, document solutions, projectors and optical technology, participated in Integrated Systems Europe 2018, the largest international event for the professional audio and video industry. The company has unveiled a number of new product lines including laser, compact short-throw, universal and other projectors.


The main requirements for projectors for business in 2018 are reliability, easy installation, high brightness and support for modern technology. The latter includes PC-connected operation and image transfer from mobile gadgets – for all Ricoh projectors, this is already standard. And they are easy to install and operate. Quality Ricoh optics and Texas Instruments chips guarantee thousands of hours of uninterrupted projection without compromising image quality. Ricoh Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw projectors are also virtually unlike any other on the market and are suitable for efficient use even in the most confined spaces.

The PJ X5770 WX5770 and PJ X5580 PJ WU5570 are versatile projectors for presentations in medium to large auditoriums and event venues

The devices will help to clearly present information in a lecture room of a university, a conference hall or at a business meeting in a large conference room. These bright and robust projectors are designed to do the job, even in daylight or artificial light. Both product lines can be controlled over a network. The PJ X5770 and PJ WX5770 project from 22 to 300 inches diagonal at XGA 4:3 and WXGA 16:10 resolution, and the PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 from 30 to 300 inches at the same resolution. The maximum projection diagonal is comparable to the screen size in a small cinema.

Video equipment

The PJ X5770 and PJ WX5770 are powered by 5000 and 5100 lumens respectively. Both projectors support multi-device connectivity through the Miracast standard and dual HDMI ports. Each model is equipped with a pair of 12-watt speakers, so everyone in the audience of 50 people can hear the sound. Among the features of the second line – PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 – there are also two built-in speakers, but a little less powerful – 10 watts each. Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi is available via HDMI adapter. The brightness of the lamps in these projectors is even higher, 6000 lumens and 5500 lumens respectively. This enables them to operate in any environment in large classrooms, such as conference halls, without compromising image quality.

PJ WXL5670 PJ WUL5670 laser projectors for digital signage and presentation in medium-sized conference rooms

Ricoh projector models are not only compact, but they also have an almost silent operation mode. Powerful and reliable, the PJ WXL5670 and PJ WUL5670 are ideal for presentations and video in medium-sized classrooms and conference rooms. Also perfect for digital signage applications. Projectors are easy to start using, you do not need special skills and knowledge, and they can be managed through a user-friendly web interface.


With a lamp life of 20,000 hours the devices offer maintenance-free operation and a brightness of 5,200 lumens, even in well-lit rooms. Both models can be positioned at any angle of the screen, offer PIP PBP Picture-in-Picture Picture-by-Picture projection modes and come with a wide range of image adjustments and controls. Projectors feature WXGA 16:10 and WUXGA 16:10 resolution from 30″ to 300″ diagonal.

Availability in America

New Ricoh projectors already available on American market. All projectors are covered by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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