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De Luxe water heaters solve the problem of hot water in almost all circumstances – in the city, a country house, cottage and cottage, garage and factory. De Luxe products are distinguished by high quality, energy efficiency, modern design and competitive price. The water heaters are easy to use and easy to install and maintain. De Luxe water heaters solve the problem of hot water supply in almost all circumstances – in the city, a country house, cottage and cottage, in the garage and in industry. De Luxe products are distinguished by high quality, energy efficiency, modern design and competitive price. Water heaters are easy to use and easy to install and maintain. There are service centers in almost every corner of America which offer warranty and post-warranty service, and consumable materials are always available.

De luxe

Today is a very hot topic: “Our response to sanctions of the West”. And, of course, we’d really like to talk about the revival of production, about returning to traditions… But Penza Manufacturing Association doesn’t need revival, it’s dynamically developing, and its products are popular not only in our market, but all over the world.

  • Production of De Luxe water heaters began in 2004.


Boilers with mechanical control

In the company’s range of water heaters with mechanical control are represented by several lines.


The water heaters are accumulation tanks

LIKE includes three models of 30, 40 and 50 liters capacity.

The main difference of the line is the depth of the devices is only 310 mm, which allows their use even in small apartments, where every centimeter is worth its weight in gold.

Flat shape boilers. Classic design, black and white color scheme.

Casing made of metal, painted with white enamel and black plastic covers. The black control panel, located closer to the bottom edge of the device, gives the design a sense of completeness.

The boilers of this range are equipped with a complete safety system SPSesurity system for the automatic maintenance of the temperature.

On the control panel is installed light indication of switching on and heating.

Inner tank is made of high quality stainless steel and has a corrosion resistant magnesium anode and a safety valve.

The heating element is as easy to replace as a light bulb. The tank is lined with thermal insulation, which significantly reduces heat and energy losses. Water temperature can be adjusted by means of a knob. If the user is pressed for time there is a “quick heat up for the first shower” function.


De luxe

TOPLIKE water heaters do not differ in design from the LIKE range. And the inner tanks are coated with a double layer of environmentally friendly glass enamel company “FERRO” Holland . Enamel is applied and dried on the equipment of “WagnerIter” Italy . Enclosure is welded on “MDP” equipment Italy . All the technologies used extend the life of the water heaters, increase anti-corrosion properties and prevent accidental leaks.

Each tank has its own heating element for 1 kW. Accordingly, the boilers have two water heating modes – “fast” and “economical”. In economy mode, only one heating element works, which saves up to 20% of electricity. And more. The most modern insulation is used in these boilers – high density and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam CFCFREE.In all other respects the line is similar to LIKE.


STER line differs by its exquisite design. These silvery-white beauties will fit in any interior easily.

De luxe

Four heaters available. Capacities: 60, 50, 40 and 30 liters. All heaters of this line have a depth of 377 mm. Models are equipped with one tank coated with glass enamel, which significantly increases its service life. All other “stuffing” is similar to the LIKE series.

TOPQULITY cylindrical water heaters with round pointer indicators and red graduations on the scale look very original.

Climatic technique

Capacities in the range: 50, 40, 30 and 20 liters. We would like to pay attention to the last one: its compact dimensions height – 414 mm, diameter – 330 mm and weight 11 kg allow to place the boiler easily, for example, in the garage. Capacities are large enough for a comfortable hand wash. The heater can also be placed in a kitchen cupboard and during the summer shutdowns its capacity is sufficient for washing dishes. And in the garden house it has its own purpose – think of how cold your hands are when you wash dishes in the fall. And the “baby” does not differ from its larger counterparts in terms of functionality.


Climate technology

The EXCLUSIVE range consists of two models that are particularly water efficient. The 80 and 100 liter tanks are not only big enough for washing your hands but they are also big enough for simultaneously doing the dishes and washing up. Such a tank can be installed at several drawing points.

The system of “dry heating elements” installed in these models does not have direct contact with water, increases the service life of heating elements by eliminating the formation of scaling.

In economic mode, running a heating element at 1 kW, when you turn on “rapid heating” mode is connected to the second heating element and the heating is already 2 kW. For greater energy savings, a special insulating layer is used, thanks to which the water temperature loses only 0.4 degrees per hour. That is, a switched off device overnight “cools down” by only 3.2 degrees. You heat a boiler to 70 degrees in the evening and get a water temperature of nearly 67 degrees in the morning. You can safely take a shower without turning the device on unnecessarily.

There are also two lines: PREMIER and CLASSIC,. They differ in diameter and capacity.

De luxe

Accumulation water heaters


Boilers with electronic control are presented in the assortment of the company ELSTEP line. Capacities: 60, 50, 40 and 30 liters.

ELSTEP series flat tanks in a classic design. Color scheme – white enameled tank with silver overlays on top and bottom. The triangular LED display is positioned at the bottom edge with the base down and is protected from splashing by the canopy. The tank looks very stylish and will decorate your bathroom or kitchen.

The water heaters have an original rectangular design that fits into any interior, they are easy and convenient to use. You can select the water temperature simply by lightly touching the sensors on the Easy Touch control panel. All important functions are performed by automatics: controls temperature and modes, protects the system from freezing and overheating, provides economical use of energy, by displaying current data.

Increased protection of electronic components against dust and moisture, purification of water from harmful microorganisms. Great attention has been paid to protection of the device systems against corrosion and scaling: a finely dispersed glass enamel is used as a coating of the tank: during the manufacture, it is baked at 850 ° C, it becomes hard, smooth and a certain elasticity. And an enlarged magnesium anode is used as additional active protection. The innovative copper heating element treatment in combination with the new configuration of the anode gives the water heater exceptional anticorrosion properties.

De luxe

But electronic control requires the most modern technical solutions from the appliance. And ELSTEP is all right about it!

Let’s start with safety. It complies with GOST R 52161.1-2004 safety of household and similar electrical appliances. General requirements. , GOST P 52161.2.21-2006 Safety of domestic and similar electrical appliances. Particular requirements for storage water heaters. , protection against moisture and electric shock IP24 and GOST 14254-96 1 class . The boiler is equipped with a complete security system SPSsecurity, safety valve and temperature limitation heating.

The working temperature of the water heating – 70 degrees. If, for some reason the water temperature rises above 90 degrees, the device automatically disconnects from the mains.

The kit includes a safety check valve. It allows water to pass through in only one direction and prevents it from spontaneously discharging from the boiler in the event of failure of the water supply. This valve protects the appliance from having exceeded the admissible water pressure by discharging through the outlet fitting. The water heater is not afraid of “fluctuating” voltage in the electrical system, which is very important for our rural residents and vacationers.

The magnesium anode also needs to be changed periodically, every year and a half to two years depending on water quality. It is not difficult to replace it yourself, just carefully read the instructions. Installation on the wall, bottom connection. Some models are equipped with a mechanical water filter. If the water in the tank contains impurities sand grains, rust from water pipes, chalk deposits, etc.d. We recommend installing an additional fine filter.

The unit is equipped with frost protection. After the end of the cottage season, you can safely leave the unit for the winter, and then use it again in the spring without fear of damaging the inner surface of the tank. In addition, the tank is made comprehensive protection against corrosion, which consists of an enlarged magnesium anode and a special bactericidal glass ceramic coating of the inner surface of the tank. By the way, the porcelain glass enamel coating prevents limescale. The method of two-layer coating of internal surface of tank with chemically neutral bio glass enamel prevents the development of harmful microorganisms and makes the water safe for the health. Boiler with antibacterial self-cleaning function.

The outside of the tank is covered with a protective layer of enamel, so it is not afraid of high humidity and residual condensation.

The attractive LED-display with blue light displays all the necessary information. Navigation is simple and straightforward, even a child can figure it out. And thanks to the electronics, the user can set the water temperature up to a degree.

The temperature drops – the appliance switches on again

All DeLuxe storage water heaters heat the water to the desired temperature, and then maintain it in automatic mode. It means that the appliance can be turned on again after the water temperature drops. And since the critical temperature drop will happen not earlier than in 15-20 hours, the repeated switching on takes place once a day or even more rarely, which allows you to save energy, and in our time it is very important.

The Glasslined technology is used not only in the ELSTEP line, but also in other models, such as the LIKE line and others.

All water heaters from Penza plant work in automatic mode. The user sets the water temperature once, and the automation maintains it. All water heaters use triple protection technology with safety valve, overheat protector and thermostat.

And the most important advantage: DeLuxe boilers are affordable for most customers. The optimal combination of price and quality of DeLuxe water heaters helps to solve all the problems associated with hot water supply.

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