Review of the steam cooker with oven function Miele DGC 6660 XXL: standard size and non-standard features

The new Miele steamer is designed for those who love to cook and do it with a flourish. Four levels of the appliance can be used at once for cooking treats for a large family or company. All the more so when you have the flexibility to implement a myriad of recipes and processes from freezing yogurt to roasting large chunks of meat.

Built-in technique

Steam cooker with oven function Miele DGC 6660 XXL



– Volume: 68 litres.

– Steam mode thermostat: 40-100°C.

– Combi and oven mode thermostat: 30-225°C.

– Modes: Steam, Combi Steam, Warm, Top/Bottom Heat, Top Heat, Bottom Heat, Large Grill, Small Grill, Blower Grill, Intensive Baking, Defrosting, Canning and Blanching

Fully equipped with all the functions of a modern steam cooker and oven. It is important that these options can be combined for a single dish. Steam will help preserve the juiciness, flavor and beauty of foods, get a more voluminous dough in baked goods, tender meat, savory casserole. The steam cooking process can be adjusted according to the recipe, selecting the desired humidity. The water volume in the steam generator is designed for 1.5 hours.

Steam can be useful for other tasks in the kitchen, such as sterilizing baby bottles and jam jars, blanching vegetables, gently warming honey and chocolate.

The oven heats up quickly in steam mode, in just a few minutes with a volume of 68 litres, similar to compact Miele free-standing steam cookers . This effect is based on the principle of rapid displacement of oxygen from the oven by steam.

Oven function offers a good range of modes for baking, roasting, braising. Combination of heaters creates optimal cooking conditions. The thermostat setting from 30°C also makes the oven a great help when proving dough, slowly simmering stews or drying food.


– Automation: moisture sensor, more than 150 automatic programs, 20 personal programs, temperature probe.

– SensorTronic LCD display, touch keys.

– Clock, timer, programmer.

– Features: temperature recommendations, indication of actual temperature, time indication with memory function in case of power outage, buzzer when the temperature reaches the set point, precise electronic temperature control, demo mode.

Touch-sensitive unit makes it easy to set the appliance’s operation. You can ask for help in setting your programs. Menu is russified. But the most convenient – automatic programs. The model has a large bank of these programs with settings of modes, temperature and cooking time, guaranteeing excellent results. Some of the settings can be changed, such as the degree of browning. The core probe is an automatic function that allows you to bring a dish to a user-defined level of readiness, based on the internal temperature of the food. The steam cooker programmer allows you to cook by the desired time.


– The cooking compartment is made of stainless steel and coated with PerfectClean.

– CleanGlass door front is completely glass from the inside.

– Modes Wetting, Drying for chamber cleaning.

– Modes Rinse, Descaling for steam system.

Oven surfaces and side guides have a Perfect Clean non-stick coating, from which the dirt can easily be removed. The wet program can be used to soften any food residues on the walls, then simply wipe the surfaces and dry them by activating the Dry mode. Miele’s special tablets descale the steam generator with the appropriate program. An automatic system reminds the user to perform this operation. Rinse mode to remove food particles from the water system.




SAFETY: safety lock, 2 panes of glass in the oven door, t 40 ºC external glass, contact switch in the door, automatic shutdown.

DIMENSIONS: Bowl 560-568×593-595x55mm.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 295 000 Dollars.

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